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"You and Me to the Rescue" is a song from the episode "Race to the Tower of Power".

Characters singing


Uniqua: Time is running out... we don’t know what to do! My mighty, super partner... is smaller than my shoe!

Austin: We can’t let that stop us! We've still got super power! The evil, yucky villains... are climbing up the tower!

Uniqua: Is there any way to get there? Our chances may be zero!

Austin: But I will not give up... ‘cause I’m a superhero! It’s you and me to the rescue! We’ve got to try something, we can’t just do nothing!

Uniqua: It’s you and me to the rescue! We can’t sit on our hands, we’ve got to make a plan!

Soundtrack-exclusive lyrics

Austin: Make another rainstorm.

Uniqua: That just gets us wet! I know there is an answer... but I haven’t found it yet.

Austin: Make a hurricane... that blows us to and fro!

Uniqua: That won’t really help us... if it’s up we want to go!

Austin: Wanna lift us to the sky?

Uniqua: Hey! How 'bout a twister? We’ll ride it up and up!

Austin: Yes, you’ve got it, sister!

Both: It’s you and me to the rescue! I knew we wouldn’t fail, ‘cause heroes, they prevail! It’s you and me to the rescue! Hooray! Up, up, away... to the rescue!


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