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This article is a transcript for the episode Whodunit.


00:00:00 Aha! Grass! Aha! Slide! Aha! You! ... There's no mystery I can't solve. That's why I'm the World's Greatest Detective. (Pablo sings Aha!). Aha! A mysterious letter.
00:00:05 To the world's greatest detective.
00:00:07 That's me!
00:00:09 Please come at once to mystery manor.
00:00:11 Mysterious things are happening here.
00:00:14 Hurry!
00:00:16 lady tasha, mistress of mystery manor.
00:00:20 A mysterious mystery at mystery manor!
00:00:23 I wonder where mystery manor is?
00:00:26 A-ha! it says so right here.
00:00:29 to get to mystery manor just follow the path across the moor.
00:00:34 To mystery manor, 8non the misty moors, in the most mysterious part of scotland!
00:00:42 A-ha! the mysterious misty moors of scotland.
00:00:46 And this must be the path to mystery manor.
00:00:53 It's kind of echo-y here.
00:00:57 Do you hear something funny?
00:01:00 Maybe some extra footsteps?
00:01:03 (Clomping of extra set of footsteps) there they are again!
00:01:09 (Extra footsteps continue) (clomps foot rythmically) (extra footsteps clomp out same rhythm) hmm. I think someone may be following me.
00:01:23 That's mysterious, very mysterious.
00:01:29 .. which way should I go?
00:01:38 Excuse me! excuse me!
00:01:40 Hey there! wait up!
00:01:45 (panting) do you know the way to mystery manor?
00:01:54 Hey, thank- whoa!
00:01:58 Where'd he go?
00:02:01 .. very mysterious.
00:02:05 But I better get going.
00:02:07 Lady tasha is waiting for me.
00:02:13 (Doorbell rings) (door creaks open) whoa!
00:02:22 Good evening, sir.
00:02:25 Good evening.
00:02:25 I am the world's greatest detective.
00:02:28 I'm here to see lady tasha.
00:02:30 I am tyrone, the butler.
00:02:32 Lady tasha is expecting you.
00:02:35 Please come in.
00:02:37 Lady tasha is in the library.
00:02:40 This way, if you please.
00:02:42 So, butler tyrone, what do you do around here?
00:02:46 Well, sir, I wait upon lady tasha.
00:02:49 I open the door for lady tasha's guests.
00:02:53 I serve lady tasha tea.
00:02:55 Oof!
00:02:56 In short, you do whatever lady tasha wants?
00:02:59 Of course, sir.
00:03:01 Because I am the butler.
00:03:04 This butler is mysterious, very mysterious.
00:03:11 (Door creaks open) tyrone: the world's greatest detective.
00:03:14 You got my letter!
00:03:16 I'm so glad you've come.
00:03:17 I am lady tasha, mistress of mystery manor.
00:03:23 Lady tasha.
00:03:25 And this is my next door neighbour, mr. austin frothingslosh.
00:03:30 Delighted to meet you mr. frothingslosh.
00:03:33 Oof!
00:03:34 Tea, my lady?
00:03:36 Thank you, butler tyrone.
00:03:40 mysterious things are happening here at mystery manor, detective pablo.
00:03:45 Yes, I've noticed some mysterious things myself.
00:03:48 Have you noticed mysterious echo-y footsteps that sound like they're following you?
00:03:53 Yes, I've noticed that.
00:03:55 And have you noticed mysterious muffled figures hanging around?
00:03:59 Yes, but that's not all I've noticed.
00:04:00 (The characters sing Mysterious, Very Mysterious.)
00:05:44 tyrone: oof!
00:05:45 A-ha!
00:05:46 Austin: great caesar's ghost!
00:05:48 Butler tyrone!
00:05:51 Tea, my lady?
00:05:52 Just as I thought!
00:05:53 Butler tyrone was spying on us.
00:05:56 I find that mysterious, very mysterious!
00:06:00 (Door bell rings) pablo: a-ha! the doorbell!
00:06:05 Who could it be?
00:06:06 I'm not expecting anyone.
00:06:08 (Door creaks) (gasp) tyrone: an unexpected visitor, my lady!
00:06:15 I can see that.
00:06:17 Tea, my lady?
00:06:18 Yes, definitely. tea!
00:06:20 Hello. I am uniqua underhood from london.
00:06:24 I know that you did not expect me, but I had to come!
00:06:28 But why?
00:06:29 Because I have information that a crime will be committed here at mystery manor this very evening!
00:06:36 No!
00:06:36 someone is going to try and steal your jewels, lady tasha.
00:06:41 (gasp) my jewels!
00:06:44 Great caesar's ghost!
00:06:46 .. mysterious, very mysterious.
00:06:50 But how did you come by this information?
00:06:53 .. (door creaks open) tea, my lady.
00:06:57 (Tasha screams) (glass shatters) (gasps) my jewels!
00:07:04 My jewels are gone!
00:07:06 (Fainting sigh) austin: great caesar's ghost!
00:07:09 The butler!
00:07:10 Butler tyrone is missing!
00:07:11 He must have taken the jewels.
00:07:14 After him!
00:07:16 There he goes!
00:07:23 I can't see him!
00:07:25 We've lost him!
00:07:26 Tyrone: help! help!
00:07:27 Do you hear that?
00:07:30 (Banging) tyrone: hey! get me out of here!
00:07:34 (Banging) tyrone: oof!
00:07:40 A-ha!
00:07:41 Butler tyrone?
00:07:42 Great caesar's ghost!
00:07:44 Oh, for goodness sakes!
00:07:46 How did you get in there?
00:07:48 I'm not quite sure, my lady.
00:07:50 ..
00:07:54 (screams) tyrone: the lights went out.
00:07:58 Then somebody knocked the tray out of my ..
00:08:01 (Glass shatters) tyrone: and pushed me into the closet!
00:08:05 (Door slams) ..
00:08:07 Austin: great caesar's ghost!
00:08:09 Tasha: how awful!
00:08:11 Poor butler tyrone.
00:08:14 Thank you, my lady.
00:08:15 So, when the lights went out, someone pushed you into the closet?
00:08:20 And I was in there until you got me out.
00:08:22 That means he couldn't have been the mysterious figure we saw running down the path.
00:08:27 Then someone else must have taken my jewels!
00:08:32 Yes, someone else.
00:08:33 well, I think I'd better be getting home.
00:08:37 You're leaving?
00:08:38 Now?
00:08:38 But we're right in the middle of a big mystery!
00:08:41 I know, b-b-but I've got to feed my cat.
00:08:45 Your cat?
00:08:46 I didn't know you had a cat.
00:08:48 That's because i-i-i just got her.
00:08:50 And she gets really, really hungry.
00:08:53 So I have to go now.
00:08:54 (Door creaks loudly) but I'll come right back.
00:08:58 Oh, for goodness sakes!
00:09:00 Come, miss underhood.
00:09:04 Feed his cat?
00:09:05 I think he's making that up.
00:09:07 He just wanted to leave.
00:09:09 I find that mysterious.
00:09:11 Very mysterious.
00:09:14 I will bring tea, my lady.
00:09:16 you know, lady tasha, that next door neighbour of yours is a very mysterious fellow.
00:09:22 You mean, mr. austin frothingslosh?
00:09:25 Indeed.
00:09:26 He said he had to feed his cat.
00:09:27 But what if he took the jewels and is running away with them?
00:09:31 No!
00:09:31 Yes! but that's not all!
00:09:33 Both: not all?
00:09:35 That's right.
00:09:35 Because I noticed that you, ..
00:09:39 (Shocked gasp) you never told us how you knew that someone was going to take lady tasha's jewels.
00:09:44 Yeah! what's that about?
00:09:47 ..
00:09:48 (gasps) aahhhhh!
00:09:50 Uniqua: the mysterious figure!
00:09:53 Aahhhhh!
00:09:56 Pablo: after him!
00:10:02 I can't see him. we've lost him!
00:10:05 No we haven't. listen!
00:10:07 (Crunching of footsteps) footsteps!
00:10:10 We can follow them. come on!
(The characters sing The Fleeting Phantom Figure in the Garden.)
00:12:30 A-ha!
00:12:32 Ugh!
00:12:32 Austin: yikes!
00:12:33 A-ha! I've got you, frothingslosh!
00:12:36 Now give me lady tasha's jewels!
00:12:39 But I didn't take her jewels!
00:12:41 Then what are you doing here?
00:12:42 Well, I said I'd come right back after I fed my cat.
00:12:46 I was going to come into the library but butler tyrone started yelling so I decided to go back home.
00:12:52 Pablo: after him!
00:12:53 Austin: but then you started chasing me!
00:12:56 ..
00:12:57 Are you sure you didn't the jewel totally.
00:13:01 Then who did?
00:13:02 (Crunching of footsteps) (leaves rustling) (gasps) two mysterious figures!
00:13:10 Well, three, if you count me.
00:13:12 They're going into mystery manor.
00:13:14 After them, frothingslosh!
00:13:23 Pablo: look!
00:13:25 Come and be quiet!
00:13:31 (Door slams shut) (door creaks open) there he is!
00:13:41 Quietly, frothingslosh.
00:13:48 A-ha!
00:13:50 !
00:13:53 Now give me lady tasha's jewels!
00:13:55 I bet they're in her purse!
00:13:57 I didn't take lady tasha's jewels!
00:14:00 ..
00:14:01 Policewoman uniqua underhood!
00:14:04 (gasp) policewoman uniqua underhood?
00:14:07 Great caesar's ghost!
00:14:09 I got a mysterious letter telling me that someone was going to take lady tasha's jewels.
00:14:15 I got a letter too.
00:14:17 Very mysterious.
00:14:20 I came at once but someone took the jewels anyway!
00:14:23 But how did you get here?
00:14:25 ..
00:14:30 I saw the mysterious figure hiding in the bushes.
00:14:36 (Quiet footsteps) I followed it into the house but when I got here to the hall, it was gone!
00:14:44 And then, I saw this!
00:14:48 A-ha!
00:14:48 Bring the light closer, frothingslosh!
00:14:51 Footprints!
00:14:55 That means the mysterious figure is in the house.
00:14:59 We must follow the footprints and hurry!
00:15:05 (snoring) (gasp) the footprints lead right into the wall!
00:15:16 Austin: great caesar's ghost!
00:15:19 Mysterious, very mysteriou but this is impossible!
00:15:24 He can't have walked into the wall.
00:15:27 Old houses can be very mysterious.
00:15:30 ..
00:15:34 ..
00:15:36 Yes!
00:15:39 (gasp) a secret passage!
00:15:44 Great caesar's ghost!
00:15:45 frothingslosh, stay with lady tasha, if you please!
00:15:50 (snoring) oh, man.
00:15:54 Pablo: come, policewoman underhood!
00:15:56 We're going to find out whodunit!
00:15:59 (The characters sing Whodunit?.)
00:17:30 where are we?
00:17:31 We're inside the hall closet!
00:17:33 And there he is!
00:17:36 A-ha!
00:17:37 Huh?
00:17:39 Hey, no! ahh! ahh!
00:17:41 Oof!
00:17:43 Pablo: I've got you!
00:17:46 (gasp) (gasps) (gasps) pablo: butler tyrone!
00:17:50 Butler tyrone?
00:17:52 Austin: great caesar's ghost!
00:17:54 Why did you take lady tasha's jewels, butler tyrone?
00:17:57 But I didn't take them.
00:17:59 We saw you.
00:18:00 They're right there in your pocket.
00:18:02 Well, yes I have them, but I didn't take them.
00:18:06 Lady tasha gave them to me.
00:18:08 What? lady tasha gave them to you?
00:18:11 How could that be?
00:18:11 Great caesar's ghost!
00:18:14 But why?
00:18:14 Well, it was a very misty, gloomy day.
00:18:19 My dear friend butler tyrone and i were sitting around the manor with nothing to do.
00:18:25 Butler tyrone had already brought me tea two or three times and we were kind of bored.
00:18:30 So we thought we'd invite you guys over for a nice mystery.
00:18:34 We wrote you letters and you came and then tyrone pretended to take my jewels.
00:18:41 And we all got to look for them, all over the manor!
00:18:45 What a great idea!
00:18:46 Nothing like a mystery on a misty gloomy day.
00:18:50 Great caesar's ghost!
00:18:52 (stomach growls) a-ha! your stomach, butler tyrone.
00:18:57 After all that mysteriousness I could use a snack.
00:19:00 Austin: come to my house.
00:19:02 We have crackers and cheese.
00:19:04 Crackers and cheese!
00:19:06 Deliciosa!
00:19:06 All: mmm, yum! mm-hm!
00:19:09 Pablo: a-ha!
00:19:10 (All giggle) that was a mysterious adventure, don't you think?
00:19:18 Yeah!
00:19:18 Totally!
00:19:19 It was great!
00:19:20 (The characters sing The Backyardigans End Song.)
00:19:45 uniqua: see you!
00:19:45 Tasha: see you later!
00:19:46 Tyrone: see you next time!
00:19:47 Pablo and austin: later!
00:19:57 Pablo: a-ha!

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