"Where in the World" is a song from the episode "The Heart of the Jungle".

Characters singing


Uniqua: Where in the world do the Wormans live? There’s only one way of kno-owing. Scientifically search and search... 'til we get to the place we’re going! Hey, Sherman, hey Sherman, could this be the spot?

Tyrone: He says no way, ‘cause it doesn’t have what his home has got.

Pablo: Hey Sherman, hey Sherman, just what things are those?

Tyrone: His Worman friends, his Worman schools, and his Worman clothes.

All: Where in the world do the Wormans live? In the heart of the jungle, jungle! Where in the world do the Wormans live? In the heart of the jungle’s heart!

Pablo: Hey Sherman, could this be where Wormans might dwell?

Tyrone: He says 'uh-uh' because it doesn’t have that Worman smell.

Uniqua: Hey Sherman, is this where the Wormans hang out?

Tyrone: He says it isn’t and he says he’s getting quite bummed out.

Uniqua: Don’t get discouraged, little Sherman pal, don’t get yourself depressed and stressful. We haven’t found your home just yet, but we’ll search 'til we’re successful...

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