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The K Could Be Better

Hi there. My name is Matt, but you could also call me BackyardigansKaibigan. Thanks for reading my userpage! First, let me say that if you need any help or assistance while contributing on the Wiki, don't hesitate to leave a message on my Message Wall.

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Use my picture if you survived as well!

About me

I am a Filipino teen who is a child at heart. I basically like to do anything Backyardigans related on my computer. I am a graphic designer (in training) and a musician in Saxophone, Clarinet (like Ramblin Polka Cowgirl Uniqua!), and Piano. My user name comprises of two words: "Backyardigans" and "Kaibigan". Kaibigan means "Friend", so the translation of my username is "BackyardigansFriends".

Other than Backyardigans, my other favourite show is LazyTown, and I show great interest in Wallykazam!, Bubble Guppies, Inspector Gadget (not the movie!), the revamped series of Maja the Bee, the classic episodes of VeggieTales (I give credit to my years at Bible School), and Max & Ruby.

On Wikis

Here, on the Backyardigans Wiki, I specialize in Merchandise (especially Books and Toys), Character Evolutions, and International Productions. My user avatar shows an HD picture of Austin lifting Tasha during the theme song.

On my free time, or practically anytime I see a crowd there, I spend my time at the Bubble Guppies Wikia chat.

My closest friends here on this wiki, as well as the Bubble Guppies Wiki, are

On the Wallykazam! Wiki, my job is the same as most: I serve as an admin there, as well as maintenance man.

As always, thank you for reading!

When My Fond Started

Backyardigans and I go back, but I never really payed attention to the airings. It all started on February 24th, 2011. I went to my local library to go find some DVDs to watch on my family trip. There, I saw three DVDs sitting out on front: The Backyardigans: Polka Palace Party, Mission to Mars, and Cave Party. I decided to get a first impression out of these DVDs. Like any person, I thought it would be some baby show... I was wrong. The first episode I saw was the "Mission To Mars" episode, and the further I went through the DVD, it really made an impact in my life, as the genre of the music changes from one to another, as to other shows, they always retain the same genre of music for each episode.

A couple weeks later, I borrowed more DVDs, such as "Super Secret Super Spy" and "Mighty Match-Up". That's when I decided to buy my first DVD... then again, why not get this 3 DVD pack on clearance. I never realized that it was a double lenght episode pack until watching the episodes. Because I started to love the show, I never got to seen the show as much because of the cancellation in June of the previous year. As the year went by, my collection rised from DVDs to CDs to lots of other merchandise, and I really appreciate the show. I have a vast knowledge for the show, so, why keep that knowledge to yourself? That is why I joined the one and only The Backyardigans Wiki.

Now, when people conversate with me about the show, I just can't stop talking about the category!

What I like about the show is it's realistic setting, it's eye-popping characters, the character models (Season 3 especially), and the instrumentals. I know that the production crew takes a lot of effort to make just even one episode. Backyardigans has inspired me to use my imagination to figure out some problems (as dull it seems).

My Favourite Characters


BackyardigansKaibigans's Austin Banner

That purple guy has to be my most favourite because he is just like me: he's shy, then happy to be with each other. Though, this always gets me, if Austin is only shy in "Castaways", then why are all these descriptions saying he's shy?!? Also, he's purple, which as you can already tell, is my favourite colour. His intelligence, earning his name Austin the Smart in The Legend Of The Volcano Sisters, is subtle, and his earnest persistance is just sweet. Though, Austin isn't an angel all the time. He is mischevous. Look at him use dem theifin' skills as the Goblin and the Abominable Snowman.


Tasha's Banner made by BackyardigansKaibigan

Tasha is my second favourite because her roles are really cool (sorry, can't get my point straight out.) She makes a great leader, and helper. I love her spunkiness, her determination, and her zeal for thrill, and like Austin, she's mischevous. Her singing voice is great. She is really creative when it comes to adventures, especially paired with Austin.

Yes, I am a fanon-shipper. I ship TashStin (Tasha and Austin), and I squeed their romantic complements in The Quest for the Extra Aliens LIVE!, and have been originally a AustNiqua shipper, but I now realize.

My Favourite Dub Voices


  1. Unika from Bakgårdsgjengen (Norway)
  2. Uniqua from Backyardigans (Sweden)
  3. Uniqua from Die Hinterhofzwerge (Germany)
  4. Żabusia from Przjaciele z podwórka (Poland)
  5. Michaela from Havurat Ha-Chatzer (Israel)


  1. Pablo from Bakgårdsgjengen (Norway)
  2. Pablo from Backyardigans (Denmark)
  3. Pingus from Przyjaciele z podwórka (Poland)
  4. Pablo from Los Backyardigans (Latin America)


  1. Tyrone from Backyardigans (Sweden)
  2. Eugenio from O Jardim dos Amigos (Portugal)
  3. Tyrone from Zonzoli (Italy)
  4. Anton from Bakgårdsgjengen (Norway)
  5. Koni from Kkuleogi SangSang-Yeohaeng (Korea)
  6. Tyrone from Os Backyardigans (Brazil)


  1. Tasha from The Backyardigans (Japan)
  2. and (Sweden)
  3. Flora from Bakgårdsgjengen (Norway
  4. Dana from Havurat Ha-Chatzer (Israel)
  5. Tasha from Tus Amiguitos del Jardín (Spain)
  6. Nilka from Dvorištance (Serbia)


  1. August from Bakgårdsgjengen (Norway)
  2. Austin from Backyardigans (Sweden)
  3. Austin from Os Backyardigans (Brazil)
  4. Yoni from Havurat Ha-Chatzer (Israel)
  5. Austin from Los Backyardigans (Latin America)

My Favourite Episodes

Season 1




Season 2




Season 3




Season 4




Come check out my cool and favourite pages!:

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BackyardigansKaibigan is a fan of Tasha.


If you are a newcomer or a person without an avatar icon, I personally made these FaceBook/Google+ inspired icons. So far, I've made an Austin icon, a Pablo, a Tasha, and a Uniqua. TYRONE COMING REALLY SUPER SOON! REAL SOON! Since I created these icons, I advise you to please ask permission to use these icons before adding these to your avatar by simply leaving me a message in my talk page.

Icon for Uniqua

Uniqua avatar


Pablo avatar


Austin avatar

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Tasha avatar



My Fanmade Pictures

You can see some of my pictures I created here:

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Cheerful Uniqua, by Gary Hunt.

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