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My New Backyardigans Logo

Hello. I am BackyardigansKaibigan! I am a Filipino boy who loves the Backyardigans TV show. I'm the admin on the Wallykazam! Wiki. My favorite character is Austin and my second is Pablo. My favorite episodes are:

Season 1

  • Race Around The World,

Season 2

  • Whodunit
  • International Super Spy (Part 2),

Season 3

  • Two Musketeers
  • Pirate Camp,

and Season 4

  • Pablor and the Acorns.

Out of all the seasons of the series, my favourite season is the third season.

I will post pictures on my User Page, please, don't post my pictures on public pages.

As always, thank you for reading!

Come check out my cool and favourite pages!:


If you are a newcomer or a person without an avatar icon, I personally made these FaceBook/Google+ inspired icons. So far, I've made an Austin icon, a Pablo, a Tasha, and a Uniqua. TYRONE COMING SOON! Since I created these icons, I advise you to please ask permission to use these icons before adding these to your avatar by simply leaving me a message in my talk page.

Icon for Uniqua

Uniqua avatar


Pablo avatar


Austin avatar

Screen shot 2013-10-08 at 9.33.30 PM

Tasha avatar

                                                   My Fanmade Pictures

The Grabbing Goblin Green

The Green Grabbing Goblin

Pirate Captain Moody, the pirate

Pirate Captain Moody, the pirate without a pegleg

Tasha and Pablo, Mounties on Duty!

Tasha and Pablo, Mounties on Duty!

BackyardigansKaibigan is a fan of Austin.
BackyardigansKaibigan is a fan of Pablo.
Pablo Pringles

If Pablo was on a Pringles can...

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