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My New Backyardigans Logo

Hello. I am BackyardigansKaibigan! I am a Filipino boy who loves the Backyardigans TV show. I'm the admin on the Wallykazam! Wiki. My favorite character is Austin and my second is Pablo. My favorite episodes are:

Season 1

  • Race Around The World,

Season 2

  • Whodunit
  • International Super Spy (Part 2),

Season 3

  • Two Musketeers
  • Pirate Camp,

and Season 4

  • Pablor and the Acorns.

Out of all the seasons of the series, my favourite season is the third season. 

You can find me most of the time on the Bubble Guppies Wiki Chat, a show that was inspired of Viking Voyage's Mermaid Tasha, and created by the previous director (Robert Skull) and producer (Johnny Belt) of the Backyardigans series.

I will post pictures on my User Page, please, don't post my pictures on public pages.

As always, thank you for reading!

Come check out my cool and favourite pages!:


If you are a newcomer or a person without an avatar icon, I personally made these FaceBook/Google+ inspired icons. So far, I've made an Austin icon, a Pablo, a Tasha, and a Uniqua. TYRONE COMING SOON! Since I created these icons, I advise you to please ask permission to use these icons before adding these to your avatar by simply leaving me a message in my talk page.

Icon for Uniqua

Uniqua avatar


Pablo avatar


Austin avatar

Screen shot 2013-10-08 at 9.33.30 PM

Tasha avatar

                                                   My Fanmade Pictures

The Grabbing Goblin Green

The Green Grabbing Goblin

Pirate Captain Moody, the pirate

Pirate Captain Moody, the pirate without a pegleg

Tasha and Pablo, Mounties on Duty!

Tasha and Pablo, Mounties on Duty!

BackyardigansKaibigan is a fan of Austin.
BackyardigansKaibigan is a fan of Pablo.
Pablo Pringles

If Pablo was on a Pringles can...

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