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Pretending, reading
Uniqua's Mom (mother)
First Appearance
Me + My Friends (unaired), Pirate Treasure (aired)
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Uniqua is the protagonist of the series and a unique creature known as a "Uniqua." She loves to have fun, tell jokes, and enjoys laughing with her friends. Uniqua is full of energy, eager to take the lead on her adventures, but she is sweet and will notice if you are happy or sad and will possibly say something about it because she cares about you.

Graceful, agile and light on her feet, Uniqua is not afraid of anything and can be quite the daredevil. She loves to run and climb and can ride her bike faster than anyone. Uniqua is her name and also her species - with her pink skin, dark pink spots, and dainty antennae, she doesn't look like any other creature on the planet.

She also happens to be very enthusiastic, and she loves to go on adventures or do dangerous things! Her best friend is Tasha, and they frequently play together. She was the first character to meet Sherman the Worman. Uniqua is smart, friendly, and owns many of the characteristics that come with the "daring" trait.

Uniqua is voiced by LaShawn Tináh Jefferies. Her singing voice, however, is provided by Jamia Simone Nash in seasons one through three and Avion Baker in the fourth season. For authorized public live productions after 2009, Jamia Nash (the singing voice for seasons one-three) potrayed Uniqua's voice, both speaking and singing.


Uniqua 300
Uniqua is highly energetic and the sporty type. She is often the character to come up with new ideas for adventures, and if she's not, Uniqua will become a large part of the journey. Uniqua is best friends with Tasha, though she easily gets along with Pablo, Tyrone, and Austin as well.
Compared to Tasha, she is the more tomboy-ish of the two, generally being seen with a more adventurous personality than Tasha, who tends to play more feminine roles. On rare occasions, Uniqua and Tasha may get into disagreements over small things, usually due to different opinions. But no matter what, Uniqua will usually find a way to end the quarrel and have a good laugh with her friend.

At her very core, Uniqua knows what it means to be a true friend and she has a heart full of compassion. If she noticed you had a problem, she's the one who would confront you with the honest truth and give you sound advice on what to do, even if you didn't ask for it. She has a strong sense of loyalty to her friends and she loves to help others. Uniqua is very optimistic, and she's determined to overcome any obstacle she faces on her adventures.

Regardless of what role she plays on her adventures with her friends, she always has her sweet, lovable sense of humor. Uniqua has played many heroes, such as Ski Patroller Uniqua in The Snow Fort, Uniqua the Pink in Knights Are Brave And Strong, and Weather Woman in Race To The Tower Of Power.
Uniqua 6483

Uniqua is very intelligent and she likes to explore and discover new things and locations. Since she cannot go exploring real places without an adult, Uniqua pretends to visit these places and find these things in her imagination along with her best friends. Uniqua is really friendly, and will do almost anything to help a friend in need. Though not the most playful of the five, Uniqua often plays a major role in the adventure she is part of.


The character of Uniqua was designed by Dan Yaccarino, creator of Nickelodeon television series Oswald, and her personality was decided on by the television series' creator, Janice Burgess.

The character's creator, Janice Burgess, describes Uniqua as "the child she wishes she was like as a child," meaning that Uniqua is a very likable character.

Janice Burgess' favorite character is Uniqua, and her liking of her character is probably what lead to Uniqua appearing in all 77 episodes of The Backyardigans. Most episodes Janice Burgess wrote star Uniqua as the central character, for she never missed an episode.


Uniqua lives in a pink-colored house located in the middle of Tyrone's house and Austin's house. It is unknown what most of her house looks like, but a coat rack and table are seen in various episodes when Uniqua exits and enters her home.


Uniqua is her very own, unique species, a "Uniqua."
Wall Uniqua


Her skin is pink with dark pink, randomly placed spots around her body. She has white eyes with normal black pupils and her mouth is noticably wide. Her other most noticeable feature is probably her curled antennae at the very top of her head. Her eyebrows are a very dark red. She wears dark-gloom pink overalls with light pink spots, being a opposite of her skin. She also has two red-pink buttons, one for each strap.


Uniqua has appeared in every episode of The Backyardigans. Her first appearance was


in Knights Are Brave And Strong. Her last appearance was in The Tale of the Not-So-Nice Dragon. For a complete list of her appearances, go to List of Uniqua's Appearances.


  • Uniqua is the only character to appear in every episode, being the main protagonist.
  • Uniqua's house is visited the most, her being the main character.
  • Uniqua's voice portraying changing through the series is similar to Austin: having the same speaking voice throughout, the same singing voice for three seasons and changed at the last season.
  • Uniqua can play the clarinet.
  • Uniqua is the only main character who does not have a real animal species.
  • Due to her antennae, some fans believe that Uniqua is modeled after an anthropomorphic bug of some kind, specifically an ant. Most Asian dubs state she is an alien.


  • Uniqua the ScientistGo to Eureka!
  • Uniqua Riding PalGo to Riding The Range
  • Uniqua the PrincessGo to Break Out!
  • Uniqua the Monster HunterGo to The Funnyman Boogeyman
  • Uniqua the MoverGo to Movers Of Arabia
  • Tour Guide UniquaGo to The Swamp Creature
  • Conductor UniquaGo to Le Master Of Disguise
  • Uniqua the WitchGo to Escape from Fairytale Village
  • Uniqua in the SnowGo to The Yeti
  • Cowgirl Uniqua on LightningGo to Horsing Around
  • Agent UniquaGo to Secret Mission
  • Uniqua Rowing a CanoeGo to The Yeti
  • Sheriff UniquaGo to Blazing Paddles
  • Folder UniquaGo to For the Love of Socks!
  • Uniqua Covered in MudGo to Robin Hood the Clean
  • Uniqua the Train EngineerGo to Catch that Train!
  • Uniqua Working at a RestaurantGo to The Big Dipper Diner
  • Uniqua, the Goddess of NapsGo to Match On Mount Olympus
  • Uniqua as Weather WomanGo to Race To The Tower Of Power
  • Uniqua the SphinxGo to The Key To The Nile
  • Uniqua WigglingGo to Catch That Butterfly
  • Uniqua the Volcano SisterGo to The Legend Of The Volcano Sisters
  • Uniqua Delivering PizzaGo to Chichen-Itza Pizza
  • Uniqua as Strong BlossomGo to Super Team Awesome!
  • Uniqua as Bug GirlGo to Front Page News
  • Uniqua in the BackyardGo to Backyard
  • Uniqua the LibrarianGo to The Masked Retriever
  • Viking UniquaGo to Viking Voyage
  • Uniqua in a Purple DressGo to Who Goes There?
  • Uniqua the PilotGo to Fly Girl
  • Uniqua as Ms. RhamaswamiGo to Elephant on the Run
  • Uniqua the NinjaGo to Samurai Pie
  • Uniqua Smiling DeviouslyGo to International Super Spy
  • Uniqua on MarsGo to Mission To Mars
  • Uniqua the KnightGo to The Tale of the Not-So-Nice Dragon
  • Uniqua at the BeachGo to Surf's Up
  • Florist UniquaGo to Flower Power
  • Uniqua the PinkGo to Knights Are Brave And Strong
  • Uniqua Using Bug-Away SprayGo to The Heart Of The Jungle
  • Policewoman Uniqua UnderhoodGo to Whodunit
  • Uniqua as Flower GirlGo to Flower Power
  • ZuniquaGo to Ranch Hands from Outer Space
  • Smiling DeviouslyGo to International Super Spy
  • ReadingGo to Scared Of You
  • Professor Uniqua
  • Uniqua as sirenGo to Sinbad Sails Alone
  • Lab Assistance UniquaGo to Attack of the 50 Foot Worman
  • Uniqua as waitress
  • Mermaid Uniqua
  • Reporter Uniqua
  • Uniqua as one Monster of soccer
  • Uniqua on the backyard
  • Uniqua one Googors
  • On Backyard
  • Uniqua as Uniquor
  • Uniqua wondering where's her ball in Monster Detectives
  • Uniqua in The Theme Song
  • Queen UniquaGo to Queen Uniqua
  • Miss RhamaswamiGo to Miss Rhamaswami
  • Uniqua
  • As a walk-around characterGo to Uniqua Walk-Arounds
  • As child costumeGo to Uniqua Costume
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