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Secret Contact Austin


Secret Contact Austin
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Secret Contact Austin is a undercover agent played by Austin. He is Agent Secret's partner.


Secret Contact Austin is mostly of a purple color. He has many disguises, such as a blue pizza delivery outfit, consisting of a blue and black hat with a pizza emblem, a blue collared shirt and khakis, a London Pub waiter outfit consisting of a brown vest with a white undershirt and navy blue pants, a Switzerland cafe waiter outfit consisting of a green vest with a white collared long sleeve undershirt with brown pants, or a Caribbean bartender with and palmtrees pattern collared shirt and white pants.


Austin has only played as Secret Contact Austin in two episodes of The Backyardigans: International Super Spy (Parts 1 and 2), from season two.

Picture Gallery

  • Austin's Disguise In London
  • Austin's Disguise In Switzerland
  • Austin's Disguise In Caribbean
  • Austin as a Pizza Delivery Boy
  • Undercover Contact Austin in The Backyardigans Theme SongGo to The Backyardigans Theme Song
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