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Sir Tyrone

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General Information
Gender: Male
Color: Orange
Classification: Moose
Mother: Tyrone's Mother
Father: Tyrone's Father
Series information
First appearance: Me and My Friends (unaired)
Pirate Treasure (aired)
Last appearance: Nickelodeon's Mega Music Fest
Speaking voice: Reginald Davis (seasons 1-2)
Jordan Coleman (seasons 2-3)
Chris Grant, Jr. (season 4)
Singing voice: Corwin C. Tuggles (season 1)
Leon Thomas III (seasons 2-3)
Damani Roberts (season 3)
Tyrel Williams (seasons 3-4)
List of characters

Tyrone is an anthropomorphic moose and the tritagonist of The Backyardigans.

Tyrone was voiced by Reginald Davis in the first season and three episodes of season two, Jordan Coleman in seasons two and three, and Chris Grant in the fourth season. His singing voice was provided by Corwin C. Tuggles in season one, Leon G. Thomas III in season two and five episodes of season three, Damani Roberts during three episodes of season three, and Tyrel Jackson Williams for the rest of season three as well as all of season four.


Tyrone is the sunny one. He can get along with anybody; Pablo is his best friend, after all. He takes life's ups and downs in stride, for things cannot get under his skin. He is confident and enjoys a challenge because he knows, in his heart, that he is equal to it. He is an easygoing, laid-back character with a sunny disposition. A deep thinker, Tyrone may seem a little slower than speedy Pablo, but they are perfect complements to each other. Whatever problem Pablo can imagine, Tyrone can solve.


Tyrone Turnaround

Tyrone turnaround (click to animate)

Tyrone's skin is orange. He has red fringe between his antlers, which are light yellow. His eyes are white with black pupils. His face and head are shaped similarly to Tasha's (though his muzzle is less rounded). His striped shirt is red-orange and blue.


Tyrone has appeared in many episodes of The Backyardigans, though is absent for five episodes: Ranch Hands from Outer Space, Pirate Camp, Dragon Express, Dragon Express, The Funnyman Boogeyman and The Flipper!. His first appearance was in Me and My Friends, the unaired live-action pilot. His first appearance in an aired episode was in Pirate Treasure. His last appearance in an episode of The Backyardigans is in The Tale of the Not-So-Nice Dragon. His last appearance in any aired animation is in Nickelodeon's Mega Music Fest.

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