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Imagining, skateboarding, bicycle-riding, newspaper delivering
Tyrone's Dad (father), Tyrone's Mom (mother)
First Appearance
Me + My Friends (unaired), Pirate Treasure (aired)
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Tyrone is an easygoing anthropomorphic moose, and the series' tritagonist. He is also Pablo's best friend. Tyrone is a very deep thinker, which may make him seem a master of the obvious sometimes, but he always enjoys a challenge because he knows in his heart that he is equal to it and he'll find a way to figure it out. He lives in an orange-colored house. His favorite genre of music is polka music. He can somehow manage to understand what animals such as Wormans are saying, though the creatures are not able to speak.

Tyrone was voiced by Reginald Davis, Jr. in the first season and three episodes in season two, Jordan Coleman in seasons two and three, and Chris Grant, Jr. in the fourth season. His singing voice was provided by Corwin C. Tuggles in season one, Leon G. Thomas III in season two and five episodes of season three, Damani Roberts during three episodes of season three, and Tyrel Jackson Williams for the rest of season three as well as all of season four. For authorized public live productions after 2009, Leon G. Thomas III (the singing voice for seasons two-three) potrayed Tyrone's voice, both speaking and singing.

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Tyrone is the sunny one. He is easygoing, and can get along with anybody. Pablo is his best friend, after all! He takes life's ups and downs in stride, things just don't get under his skin. Tyrone seems a
Tyrone (2)
little slow on the uptake sometimes. He’s confident and enjoys a challenge because he knows, in his heart, that he is equal to it. There’s always a way and he’s bound to figure it out. Tyrone is the nicest little moose you ever met.

He’s an easygoing, laid-back child with a sunny disposition. He’s got his hands in his pockets and a cool head of antlers on his shoulders.

A deep thinker, Tyrone may seem a little slower than his speedy best buddy Pablo, but they’re perfect complements to each other. Whatever problem Pablo can imagine, Tyrone can solve.

Tyrone's pretend roles vary from season to season. In season one, he is shown as the group scaredy-cat and is afraid of most things, as shown in It's Great To Be A Ghost! and Knights Are Brave And Strong, but from season two and onward, Tyrone finds himself portraying a number of strong, heroic roles, such as Pie Master Tyrone from the episode Samurai Pie, Sinbad the Sailor from Sinbad Sails Alone, and Tyrone of the Jungle from The Secret Of Snow.


Tyrone's skin is orange. He has red fringe between his anters, which are light yellow, white eyes with black irises and dark brown eyelashes, which aren't seen very often. His face and head are similar to Tasha, but with a less rounded muzzle. His shirt is red little orange-and-blue-striped. Tyrone does not wear trousers, except with his role costumes.




Tyrone has appeared in nearly every episode, special, and movie of the Backyardigans. His first appearance was in the episode Knights Are Brave And Strong, the first episode of the series. His last appearance was in The Tale of the Not-So-Nice Dragon, the show's series finale. Tyrone has been absent in five episodes of The Backyardigans, Ranch Hands from Outer Space, Pirate Camp, Dragon Express, The Funnyman Boogeyman, and The Flipper!. For a complete list of this character's appearances, go to List of Tyrone's Appearances.


  • Tyrone reveals his favorite music in Polka Palace Party.
  • In The Action Elves Save Christmas Eve, Tyrone is an Abominable Snowman for a second time, after Fly Girl.
  • In The Heart Of The Jungle, Tyrone can understand Sherman, but in further episodes, the Backyardigans are all unsure what Sherman is saying.
  • In the episodes which Tyrone does not appear in, his role of quoting the line "That was an excellent adventure, don't you think?" (or a similar saying) is taken over by Pablo, Austin or Tasha. Uniqua never recites the phrase.
  • Tyrone can somehow manage to put his hands in pockets, though he does not wear pants of any kind.
  • Tyrone is the only character with hair of his own.
  • Tyrone can play the tuba and the violin.
  • He is the only Backyardigan to have a known occupation.


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