"Trash Day" is a song from the episode "Garbage Trek".

Characters singing


Austin: Trash day!

Uniqua: It's trash day!

Tasha: It's time to take the trash out!

Austin: Trash day...everybody come on!

Uniqua: It's trash day!

Tasha: Take...out the trash!

Uniqua: It's that time of the week, so check out our technique!

Tasha: Take out the trash!

Austin: Come on!

Tasha: Put your can out by the curb, our trash collecting is superb.

Uniqua: Take out the trash!

Austin: Uh-huh!

Tasha: Trash day.

Austin: It's trash day!

Uniqua: It's time to take the trash out!

Tasha: Trash day...everybody come on!

Austin: It's trash day.

Uniqua: Take...out the trash!

Tasha: If you've got stuff to...throw away...

Austin and Uniqua: We're coming to your planet!

Tasha: And may we please remind you...

Uniqua and Austin: Don't forget to garbage can it!

Austin: Trash day!

Tasha: It's trash day!

Uniqua: Take...

Austin: ...out...

Tasha: ...the...

All: ...trash!

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