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This article is a transcript for the episode The Yeti.


(Pablo is stomping in the backyard with fuzzy boots on.)

Pablo: Stomp, stomp, stomp! Stomp, stomp, stomp! Stomp, stomp, STOMP! Oh, hi, it's me, Pablo. I'm the Yeti. Yetis stomp a lot. Stomp, stomp, stomp! (He giggles.) It's so great being a yeti, it makes me wanna yell! Yeti, yeti, yeti, yeti!

(He dances and sings along to the song Yeti Stomp.)

Pablo: But that's not all, we yetis give people snow-bellies! So if anyone tries to follow me home to my igloo, I'll throw all the snow on their bellies! (He giggles again.) Yeti, yeti, yeti, yeti, yeti! See ya. (He walks off screen.)

(Uniqua walks out of her house, holding a camera. Tasha walks out behind her.)

Uniqua: C'mon, Tasha! I'll take your picture outside!

Tasha: Okay. Where do you want me to stand?

Uniqua: How about over there by the picnic table?

Tasha: Okay.

(She runs to the table and poses.)

Uniqua: Smile, Tasha!

(Tasha giggles.)

(A photo of Tasha closing her eyes and smiling slides onto the screen. After it is removed, Uniqua walks to Tasha's left to get a picture from a different angle. The pictures slides on and off the screen. Tyrone walks toward Uniqua and Tasha.)

Tyrone: Hey, Uniqua. Hi, Tasha.

Uniqua: Oh, hi, Tyrone. Get in the picture with Tasha!

Tyrone: Okay.

(He and Tasha stand side by side, smiling.)

Uniqua: Say cheese, you two!

(The picture slides on screen.)

Uniqua: Good one.

(Another pops up.)

Uniqua: Great!

(The third picture comes on screen. Then the fourth. Then the fifth.)

Pablo, in the distance: Yeti, yeti, yeti, yeti, yeti!

Tyrone: What was that?!

Uniqua: I recognize that sound anywhere. That's the yell of the yeti! Of the Frozen North.

Tyrone: The yeti?!

Tasha: Oh for goodness sakes, there's no such thing as a "yeti"!

Uniqua: How do you know?

Tasha: 'Cause I'm an expert! I know all about the Frozen North. And I know for sure that there's no such thing as a yeti!

Pablo, in the distance: Yeti, yeti, yeti, yeti, yeti!

Uniqua: Then what was that?

Tyrone: Might be a yeti.

Tasha: Whatever it was, it wasn't a yeti.

(Uniqua sniffs the air and scrunches up her nose.)

Uniqua: Do you smell something?

(They all start to sniff around for smells.)

Tasha: EEEWWW!!!

Tyrone: It might be the yeti.

Tasha: There's no such thing. Besides, nothing THAT stinky could be real.

Tyrone: Well, maybe.

(Pablo says once again: Yeti, yeti, yeti, yeti, yeti!)

Tyrone: But maybe we should follow that sound.

Uniqua: And find the yeti!

Tasha: Or not.

Uniqua: And take its picture!

Tasha: Or not.

Uniqua: And prove that yetis exist!

Tasha: You mean prove that there's no such thing.

(Tasha starts making mean faces at Uniqua.)

Tyrone, angrily: MAYBE we should get going to the Frozen North.

(Tyrone pushes Tasha away from Uniqua.)

Tasha: Yes, and I've been there many times. And I know all about it. It's snowy....

Uniqua: And.....

Tasha: It's very icy...

Uniqua: Yeah! And..

Tasha: There are icy mountain peaks.

(As Tasha explains, the backyard transforms into the Frozen North and they start walking.)

(The camera moves away from the gang and moves toward Pablo.)

Pablo: Stomp, stomp, stomp, stomp! I'm doin' that yeti stomp! Stomp, stomp...Hehehehehehehe!

(Pablo walks away, as Uniqua, Tasha, and Tyrone put on binoculars.)

Tyrone: Which way should we go?

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