"The Extendo-Arm" is a song from the episode "To the Center of the Earth".

Characters singing


Uniqua: Take a lasso and a ladder!

Pablo: A bucket goes on top!

Uniqua: A net should go right there.

Pablo: With an umbrella and a mop!

Uniqua: The lamp we got from China.

Pablo: And that rake that's from some farm!

Uniqua and Pablo: Hey, let's call it the "Extendo-Arm"!

All: Extendo-Arm, Extendo-Arm, you're going to reach so far. Extendo-Arm, the Extendo-Arm, oh what an arm you are!

Uniqua: We'll add a pole...

Tyrone: A feather duster...

Pablo: Bike horns...

Tyrone: Wooden spoons...

Uniqua: A table...

Pablo: Tuba...

Tyrone: Marshmallows...

Uniqua: A spring...

Pablo: And bright balloons!

Pablo and Uniqua: We're ready!

Tyrone: Will it work?

Uniqua: Lad, you have no cause for alarm.

All: You can trust the Extendo-Arm! Extendo-Arm, the Extendo-Arm, you reach so very far. Extendo-Arm, the Extendo-Arm, oh what an arm you are!

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