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The Backyardigans Racing Adventure


PC arcade game
Installation required
Adobe Flash Player

The Backyardigans Racing Adventure is a Nickelodeon arcade-style Kart Mario Kart type racing game. It uses Virtools and requires Adobe Flash Player to run.

Characters Present


The objective of the game is to beat other racers as Uniqua, Pablo, Tyrone or Austin in a race track.


The game has many features and options. When clicking the "Go!" button on the main menu, it leads to a screen featuring a character selection of Pablo, Uniqua, and Tyrone. After choosing a character, it leads to a car customizing screen with a selection of different cars in the colors yellow, red, green, and blue. Clicking on the "OK" button leads to a screen where you type in your name or nickname, which will be shown on the license plate of your car in the game. The next screen is a "Pick a Level" screen, in which you click on "beginner" or "expert" versions of the game. The next part of this option is the number of laps: 1, 2, or 3.

The game loads. When it is done, Austin the announcer explains the objective of the game as the race starts. A menu drops on the screen in which Austin explains. The menu features three green arrows, which give speed boosts, a blue shield, which gives the driver protection from road hazards, and a gift box, which, when opened, gives the player an item used to slow down other players. The race begins. During the game, the timer is set, showing a record of the time used play. When the race is done, the three contestants (Uniqua, Pablo, and Tyrone) are shown on a pedestal. The winning racer is on top while the losers are on the bottom.

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