"Superheroes for Goodness' Sake" is a song from the "Super Team Awesome!" episode.

Characters singing


Tyrone: You are superheroes for goodness' sake, yeah. You are superheroes make no mistake. Now pull yourselves together or surely the Earth will break! Yeah, you are superheroes for goodness' sake. We can't give up.

Tasha: No time to quit.

Uniqua: We have to save Old Gushie...

Uniqua and Tasha: Or the Earth will split!

Pablo: Arr, she's begun to crack in two.

Tasha: With all our superpowers, must be something we can do!

Uniqua: 'Cause we are superheroes, for goodness' sake.

Tyrone: The walls around us crumble, and the caverns quake.

Pablo: We can't stand idly by, the world's future is at stake!

Uniqua, Pablo, and Tasha: Yes. We are superheroes, for goodness' sake.

Tasha: We must work together.

Tyrone: I'll show you how.

Uniqua: There is a time for action.

Uniqua and Tasha: And the time is now!

Pablo: We won't back down from any threat.

Tyrone: The world is counting on you, so let us not forget...

Uniqua, Pablo, and Tasha: That we are superheroes, for goodness' sake, yeah. We are superheroes make no mistake.

Tasha: Our chance does not look good.

Tyrone: But that's a chance we'll have to take.

Uniqua, Pablo, and Tasha: 'Cause we are superheroes, for goodness' sake.

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