Storytime Live! is a theatrical performance featuring four stories, one of which is based on The Backyardigans. Its plot borrows from the episode "Robin Hood the Clean". It began touring the United States in 2010.

The show features the same costumes from 2008's "The Backyardigans Live". Kandace Nunn, who played Uniqua in the original performance, reprised her role for this show.



"Nickelodeon presents their newest, biggest, most exciting live show ever – "Storytime Live!" Come play along with your favorite preschool pals live on stage. Leap into Fairytale Land with "Dora the Explorer," journey through Filthingham with "The Backyardigans," hop into Wonderland with "Wonder Pets!," and join the Monkey King’s celebration with "Ni Hao, Kai-lan." Hosted by Moose and Zee, Nickelodeon’s musical adventure, "Storytime Live!" features four of the top-rated preschool shows on television today and is sure to be the hit live show you and your family have been waiting for!"


  • Kandace Nunn as Uniqua
  • Zach Johnson as Pablo
  • Keith Antone as Tyrone
  • Danielle Trzcinski as Tasha
  • Nick Nelson as Austin




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