The Backyardigans Sport-Tacular Guide Cover

Merchandise/promotional images
Created in
Country of origin
USA (art)

South America (distribution)

China (manufacturing)
Produced by

Sport-Tacular is a [[The Backyardigans] merchandise line. It includes illustrated vectors printed on items, sold primarily in South America.


Join your backyard friends in this "sport-tacular" adventure! Shirts, stationary, and school storage feature your five pals burning rubber and poppin' wheelies.

The characters go extreme on skateboards, roller blades, and bikes. Ride on!


The illustrations are mainly used for promotional images. Sport-Tacular merchandise is very popular in South American regions, especially Brazil.


Sport-Tacular images first adorned South American apparel and school supplies in 2012. The merchandise line is currently running as of 2015.


  • Despite a separate logo being produced for the line, Sport-Tacular products use the logo for The Backyardigans.
  • This line does not feature the title "Backyardigans" within the line's title.

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