"Socks, Wonderful Socks" is a song from the "For the Love of Socks!" episode.

Characters singing


All: Socks, wonderful socks!

Tasha: There is nothing greater...

All: Socks, wonderful socks!

Tyrone: Than being a sock creator.

Pablo: We love making socks for you and keeping your feet warm.

Uniqua: They're also great in a rollerskate.

Tasha: Or as a puppet on your arm.

All: Socks, wonderful socks!

Tyrone: They slip right on with ease.

All: Socks, wonderful socks!

Pablo: To your ankles, thighs and knees.

Uniqua: When we go to sleep at night, it's socks that fill our dreams.

Tasha: The rounded heel!

Pablo: The fuzzy feel!

Tyrone: The perfectly sewn seam. Spots and stripes and argyle too. Whatever it is you seek.

Pablo: We have a ball and make them all.

Tasha: Distinctive and unique.

All: Socks, wonderful socks!

Uniqua: Oh, what a joy to wear.

All: Socks, wonderful socks! Let us make you a pair. We love making socks. Groundbreaking socks. Breathtaking socks. Socks, wonderful socks!

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