"Sneaking and Hiding" is a song from the episode "Secret Mission".

Characters singing


All: Sneaking, hiding, hiding, sneaking, hiding, sneaking, hiding, sneaking around!

Pablo: Through the secret entrance...

Uniqua: Down the secret stairway!

All: Sneaking and hiding and sneaking around.

Tyrone: Through the hidden door, underneath the floor.

All: No one knows we’re here because we’re making no sound! Hiding and sneaking, creeping and peeking!

Tyrone: Be quiet when you’re spying, that’s our number one rule!

All: Hiding, sneaking, we’re calm, we’re not freaking!

Pablo: Every secret agent knows you've got to stay cool!

All: Sneaking, hiding, sneaking, hiding, sneaking around!

Pablo: Nothing to report, but we have found a shortcut through the precious jewels, sneaking around.

All: Sneaking, sneaking, floorboard’s kinda creaking...

Uniqua: Heading for a destination unknown.

All: Sneaking, sneaking, sneakily we’re seeking...

Tyrone: For the secret owner of the mystery bone!

All: Sneaking, hiding, hiding, sneaking, sneaking, hiding, sneaking around!

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