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The Backyardigans: Season 1


Original run
October 11, 2004-March 10, 2006
Production studio
Episode no.
Treehouse (2004-present), Nickelodeon (2009-2010), Nick Jr. (2004-2013), Noggin (2004-2009)
Country of origin
Previous Season
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Season 1 is the first official season of The Backyardigans, following the unaired season. This season contains twenty episodes. It began on October 11, 2004 with the episodes Knights Are Brave And Strong and The Yeti and ended on March 10, 2006 with Race Around The World.

A DVD featuring all 20 episodes from this season was released in the year of 2010 by Nickelodeon. The DVD is currently available online but was never sold in stores.

Character debuts

This season introduced one of the series' main characters along with several recurring and minor characters.

Main character debuts

Recurring character debuts

Minor character debuts

Mentioned characters

Characters seen in photos


Twenty episodes aired during season one of The Backyardigans.

  1. Pirate Treasure
  2. The Heart Of The Jungle
  3. The Yeti
  4. The Snow Fort
  5. Secret Mission
  6. It's Great To Be A Ghost!
  7. Riding The Range
  8. The Key To The Nile
  9. Knights Are Brave And Strong
  10. Viking Voyage
  11. Castaways
  12. Race To The Tower Of Power
  13. The Quest For The Flying Rock
  14. Polka Palace Party
  15. Surf's Up
  16. Eureka
  17. Race Around the World
  18. Monster Detectives
  19. Cave Party
  20. High Tea


  • This is the only aired season that does not have a double-length episode. The unaired season did not contain any as well.
  • The opening backyard scenes in this season are considerably longer than in the other seasons.
  • This season is available for On Demand purchase. It was the first season to surface on the service.

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