This page contains a list of all Fantazery (Фантазеры, the Russian dub) DVDs that have been released so far. 4 DVDs and 2 DVD packs have been released in Russia as of December, 2008.  They are all presented in 4:3 full screen and feature a two audio tracks - a Russian translation track over the original audio, and an American English dub track, both in 2.0 Stereo.


CoverNameRelease Date# of EpisodesEpisodes/Bonus
Фантазеры Полет на Марс
Полет на Марс??4

1. Полет на Марс (Flying to Mars)

2. Пирог самурая (The Samurai of Pie)

3. Боюсь тебя! (I'm Scared of You!)

Fantazery Vol.2
Робин Гуд??4

4. Робин Гуд (Robin Hood)

5. Два мушкетера (The Two Musketeers)

6. Замаскированная охотничья собака (The Disguised Retriever)

Fantazery Vol. 3
На глубине Серия??4

7. На глубине Серия (Into The Deep)

8. Экстренное сообщение (Special News Bulletin)

9. Спасти положение (Rescue the Day)

Fantazery Vol.4
Сказка о великих рыцарях??4

10. Сказка о великих рыцарях, 1 (The Tale of the Grand Knights)

11. Сказка о великих рыцарях, 2 (The Tale of the Grand Knights, 2)

12. Молниеносные ракетки (Flamin' Racquets)

DVD Packs

CoverNameRelease Date# of EpisodesEpisodes
Russian Three Pack
Подарочное издание (Gift Set)(n/a)15

Re-release of volumes 1-3.

CoverNameRelease Date# of EpisodesEpisodes
Fantazery 4DVD
Дружная команда (The Team of Friends)(n/a)15

Re-release of all discs above.

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