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Robot Roscoe is a recurring character in The Backyardigans.


Roscoe is Austin's toy robot. In "Robot Rampage: Part 1", he assumes the role of Repairman Austin's assistant. Roscoe is the only robot in Mega City who has not had a breakdown, as well as the only one with a white/purple color scheme. Roscoe always follows Austin's orders but sometimes gets carried away, making the job more difficult for the two of them.


Robot Roscoe is primarily white and purple. He has green eyes and two antennae. His feet are purple and his legs are white. Roscoe's hands are white and silver.


Robot Roscoe has appeared in three episodes of The Backyardigans. He makes two major appearances in "Robot Rampage: Part 1" and "Robot Rampage: Part 2". Roscoe can later be seen as a toy in the backyard sequence of "Elephant on the Run".

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