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Not to be confused with the Mega City robots or the robots modeled after Pablo and Tasha.

The robot is a recurring character in The Backyardigans.


In his debut, the robot is depicted as a giant who loves getting his picture taken. He repeats the phrase "Cheese!" over and over again, hoping to get his photo featured in Bigopolis Big News. Unfortunately, his size and appearance make the citizens of Bigopolis mistake him for an evildoer. The robot makes a second appearance as one of Snappy's wind-up toys later on.


The robot is a metallic silver color. He has thick eyebrows and white eyes with black pupils. His face is shaped like a rectangular prism.


The robot has appeared in two episodes of The Backyardigans: "Front Page News" from season three and "The Action Elves Save Christmas Eve" from season four.

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