The following is a transcript for "Pirate Treasure."


All: "Pirate Treasure!"

Uniqua: Arr! Avast me hardys. Hoist the main sail. Arrr! Swab the deck. Arrr! Weigh anchor. Arrr! Hello, mateys! I'm Captain Uniqua, the pirate! You can tell I'm a pirate because of my eye patch and because i say "arrr!"

[Uniqua sings "A Pirate Says Arrr."]

Austin: Hey, Uniqua, are you a pirate?

Uniqua: That i am, Austin! I'm Captain Uniqua, the patchy-eyed pirate.

Austin: I'm a pirate, too! I'm Captain Austin, with a hook for a hand!

Uniqua: Then you know what pirates say, of course.

Austin: Of course.

Uniqua and Austin: Arrr! Arrr! Arrr!

[They sing a reprise of "A Pirate Says Arrr."]

Austin: Hey, we are going to look for buried treasure, right?

Uniqua: Right you are, matey! And look what I've got: half of a treasure map!

Austin: It's too bad we don't have the whole map.

Uniqua: Arrr, but half a map is better than nothing. Now let's go find some treasure!

[They continue "A Pirate Says Arrr."]

Uniqua: Let's sail the seas, me bucko. And find some treasure! Arrr!

Tyrone: Hey! Over here, Pablo!

Pablo: Kick it over here, Tyrone!

Tyrone: Here you go.

Pablo: I got it! I got it! [notices Uniqua's pirate flag drawing] Hey! Look! The jolly roger!

Tyrone: The jolly roger? That means pirates were here.

Pablo: You know what pirates have?

Tyrone: Rotten teeth?

Pablo: Treasure!

Tyrone: I'd sure like to find some treasure.

Pablo: If we had treasure, we'd be rich.

Tyrone: Hey, look at this! It's half of a treasure map!

Pablo: It's too bad it's not the whole map.

Tyrone: Arrr, but half a map is better than nothing.

Pablo: How about if we be pirates, and follow the map!

Tyrone: And find the treasure!

Pablo: Exactly! I'll be Captain Pablo with a peg leg!

Tyrone: And I'll be Captain Tyrone with a wooden ear.

Pablo: Great! Let's go look for treasure!

Pablo and Tyrone: Arrr! Arrr! Arrr!

Tyrone: Let's weigh anchor! And take to the high seas!

Pablo: With the wind in our sails!

[The backyard transforms into a vast ocean. Pablo and Tyrone are sailing on a ship.]

Tyrone: Hey, Captain Pablo, what if we run into other pirates?

Pablo: We'll make them walk the plank! Because we're the roughest, toughest pirates of all.

[They sing another verse of "A Pirate Says Arrr."]

Tyrone: Keep on a lookout for a desert island, like on the map.

Pablo: Okay, but I wish we had the whole map.

Tyrone: Arrr, but half a map is better than nothing.

[They continue "A Pirate Says Arrr."]

Pablo: Hey look! Hey look! Hey look!

Tyrone: What?

Pablo: More pirates!

Uniqua: Arrr, Captain Austin, do you see a desert island yet?

Austin: Negative, Captain Uniqua.

Uniqua: Well, let's keep looking.

Austin: Aye-aye, captain!

Uniqua: Hey! Do you see any other boats?

Austin: Nope. No other boats.

Pablo: Arrr, we're gonna catch those other scurvy pirates!

Tyrone: What do we do with them when we catch them?

Pablo: Arrr... good question.

[Pablo and Tyrone sing "A Scurvy Pirate" as they raid Uniqua and Austin's ship.]

Uniqua: Arrr! Pirates!

Pablo: Arrr!

Austin: Arrr, it's a raid!

Pablo: We're raiding your ship, you scurvy pirates.

Austin: We're defending our ship, scurvy pirates.

Tyrone: Well, we're the boldest pirates in the sea, so we're gonna take your treasure.

Uniqua: No, we're the boldest pirates. And we don't have any treasure!

Pablo: Arrr, well, we're raiding you anyway.

[They continue "A Scurvy Pirate."]

Pablo and Tyrone: Arrr!

Pablo and Tyrone: Arrr, arrr, arrr! We win!

Pablo: And you know what that means. Now, you must walk the plank!

Tyrone: Arrr, the plank!

Austin: The plank?

Tyrone: The plank! You walk to the end of the plank, then splash into the water.

Pablo and Tyrone: Har har har, har har har!

Pablo: Hey, Captain Tyrone, that kinda sounds like fun. Maybe we should walk the plank instead.

Uniqua: Uh-uh. You won the raid, so we get to walk the plank. Those are the pirate rules.

Tyrone: Well, the rules are the rules. Now get up there and walk the plank!

All: Arrr! Arrr!

[Pablo and Tyrone continue "A Scurvy Pirate." The ship crashes into an island.]

Uniqua and Austin: Whoa! Whoa! Oof.

Tyrone: Whoa, what was that?

Austin: What happened?

Uniqua: We hit land. It's a desert island.

Austin: Just like on the map!

Uniqua: Come on! Let's go look for the treasure!

Austin: Those other scurvy pirates are looking for treasure, too!

Uniqua: But we have a map, remember?

Austin: I sure wish it was a whole map.

Uniqua: But half a map is better than nothing. Arrr?

Austin: Arrr!

[Uniqua and Austin walk off into the jungle on the island.]

Tyrone: That's not supposed to happen when somebody walks the plank.

Pablo: We bumped into a desert island. That means we're getting closer to the treasure. Come on! Arrr!

Tyrone: I bet those other pirates are looking for the treasure, too.

Pablo: But we've got the map, remember?

Tyrone: Oh yeah. The map! Sure wish it was a whole map.

Pablo: But half a map is better than nothing. Arrr?

Tyrone: Arrr!

Pablo: Arrr!

[The characters sing "Treasure." Uniqua and Pablo bump into each other.]

Pablo: Whoa! I mean, arrr!

Uniqua: Arrr, matey! You made me drop my half a map!

Pablo: You made me drop my half a map! Arrr!

All: Arrr!

Tyrone: Hey look! They fit together!

Uniqua: They do?

Austin: They do! Look!

Pablo: An X! X marks the spot where the treasure is!

Tyrone: Now all we have to do to find the treasure is find the X.

Uniqua: You mean all we have to do is find the X, because it's our map.

Pablo: Arrr, it's our map!

Austin: But you'll never find the treasure without our half.

Tyrone: But you'll never find the treasure without our half.

Austin: I have an idea! Maybe we should be one big band of pirates, and follow the map together.

Pablo: Yeah! I mean... arrr! And then, when we find the treasure, we can split it up and we'll all be rich.

Tyrone: That would work.

Uniqua: All in favor of working together, say arrr!

All: Arrr!

Uniqua:' Let's go, mateys.

[The pirates continue singing "Treasure."]

Pablo: Hey, wait up! Mud pits? There are mud pits? Do you think they're bubbling mud pits? I mean, do you think the mud in the pits bubbles?

Tyrone: I don't know. We'll just have to see.

Uniqua: Whoa!

All: Whoa!

Pablo: The mud pit!

Uniqua: Just like on the map.

Pablo: And it's a bubbling mud pit!

Tyrone: It certainly is.

Pablo: How are we going to get across? How are we going to get across a pit of bubbling mud?

Austin: Hmm. It ' s a little too far to jump.

Uniqua: You're right, it is too far to jump, but I think I see a way.

Pablo: That tree?

Austin: Good idea!

Pablo: You mean walk over the mud pit, balancing on the tree?

Tyrone: It's gonna be very tricky.

Austin: Especially for a peg-legged pirate.

Pablo: I'm a pegged legged pirate. I'm a pirate! And I've got a peg leg! Oh boy! Oh boy!

Uniqua: Pablo! Pablo! Hello?

Pablo: How am I going to get across? I don't know about this, oh boy!

Uniqua: Pablo!

Pablo: Yeah?

Uniqua: It's the only way to get to the other side.

Austin: And that's where the treasure is.

Tyrone: I know you can do it, Pablo.

Pablo: Well, okay. I'll try.

Uniqua: I'll go first!

[The pirates sing "Falling Off a Log" as they cross the log. Pablo nearly falls.]

Pablo: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa!

Tyrone: Look out!

Uniqua: Careful!

Pablo: Whoa!

Uniqua: Steady!

Tyrone: Don't worry, we'll get you!

Pablo: Whoa, whoa, whoa!

Tyrone: [catches Pablo] Gotcha!

Pablo: That was easy.

Tyrone: I told you you could do it!

Uniqua: Now let's get going and find that X.

Austin: Look! Up ahead! There's something on the ground!

Uniqua: I hope it's the x!

Pablo: Is it the x?

Tyrone: Well, no. Actually, it's a T.

Austin: That's disappointing.

Pablo: No one would ever bury treasure under a T.

Uniqua: You're right. We need to find the X. Let's keep looking.

Austin: Look, a U!

Pablo: Here's a V. I think we ' re getting closer.

Tyrone: Look, a W! T, U, V, W.

Uniqua: So that means the X should be right about... here!

All: The X!

Uniqua: X marks the spot where the treasure is buried!

Pablo: Dig it up! There's a shovel!

Tyrone: Well, that certainly is convenient.

[As Uniqua digs up the treasure, the pirates sing another verse of "Treasure."]

Uniqua: Hey, I hit something!

Tyrone: A treasure chest!

Pablo: It's the treasure! It's the treasure! Let's open it! Come on!

All: Arrr! [gasping] Wow.

[The pirates open the treasure chest to reveal a diamond.]

Austin: That's a big diamond!

Tyrone: It certainly is!

Uniqua: It's the biggest diamond ever in the history of the world! And it's all ours!

All: Yay! Yeah! Arrr!

Pablo: Alright!

Uniqua: Well, we did say that we would split up the treasure.

Pablo: Arrr, but we can't split up one big diamond.

Austin: Maybe we can all just share it.

Uniqua: All in favor of sharing it, say arrr!

All: Arr!

Tyrone: Now we're the richest pirates in all the seven seas.

All: Arrr!

Pablo: Yes, but what if other pirates try to raid us and take our treasure?

Austin: Yeah!

Tyrone: That is what pirates do, after all.

Uniqua: Hmm. I hadn't thought of that.

Pablo: We need to hide it before other pirates come!

All: Hmm... I know what we should do: bury it!

Austin: Arrr! Bury it!

Tyrone: But where?

Uniqua: Right here!

Tyrone: Right! We just have to put the dirt back in the hole.

Pablo: Right!

'Uniqua: All in favor of burying the diamond, say arrr!

All: Arrr!

[The pirates sing a final verse of "Treasure" as they bury the treasure again.]

Uniqua: The treasure is buried, and only we know where it is.

Pablo: But what if we forget where we buried it? Uh-oh. Where is it? It was right here a second ago!

Tyrone: Pablo?

Pablo: Yeah?

Tyrone: It's right here.

Pablo: Oh yeah. Let's mark the spot so we always remember.

Austin: How about if we mark it with an X!

Uniqua: Arr! X marks the spot! But you know what would be even trickier?

All: What?

Uniqua: We should mark it with a Y.

Austin: Y?

Pablo: Yeah! No one would ever think of looking under a Y!

All: Yeah! Arrr!

[They mark the spot with a Y. Pablo's stomach growls.]

Pablo: I'm not just a rich pirate. I'ma hungry rich pirate.

Uniqua: All in favor of snack time at my house, say arrr!

All: Arrr!

[The island transforms back into the backyard.]

Tyrone: That was a very piratey adventure, don't you think?

Uniqua, Pablo and Austin: Yeah, sure was.

[The characters sing the end song and enter Uniqua's house.]

Pablo: See you!

Tyrone: See you later!

Austin: See you!

Uniqua: See you next time! [enters her house, then opens the door] Arrr!

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