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Ping Pong Bandit

Ping Pong Bandit

Ping Pong Bandit
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The Ping Pong Bandit is a western bandit who is played by Pablo. He was once known for taking Ping Pong paddles away from anyone who loses to him and would not give them back until someone beats him. He uses a special move called the "Bandit Slam-It" to ensure his victories. He also appears in a western "Wanted" poster, with a reward of $500 for his capture.


The Ping Pong Bandit is mostly of a blue color. He wears a black cowboy hat with a red band. He wears a white dress shirt with a black tie around his neck. Over his dress shirt, he wears a black vest and coat. He wears a belt, but no pants. He usually carries around his blue ping pong paddle. Briefly, after running Sherrif Uniqua out of Ping Pong Mesa, he is seen wearing Uniqua's sherrif's badge on the top-left edge of his coat.


Pablo has only played as the Ping Pong Bandit in one episode of The Backyardigans: Blazing Paddles from season three.

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