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Pablo Page Picture

Voice Actor
Zach Tyler Eisen (season 1) and Jake Goldberg (seasons 2-4)
Singing Voice
First Appearance
Me + My Friends (unaired), Pirate Treasure (aired)
Last Appearance
Uniqua, Tyrone, Tasha, Austin (friends)/ Pablo's Mother (mother)

Pablo is a blue anthropomorphic penguin and the series' deuteragonist. He wears a blue bowtie on his neck and a blue-and-yellow beanie propeller hat on his head. He is best friends with Tyrone, and lives in a blue house located left of Tyrone's house. His interests include playing with his other friends, pretending, and going on adventures. He is enthusiastic and loves excitement on his adventures, but he's usually the first to react when faced with problem. He frequently has panic attacks, where he runs around in circles, telling himself or his friends to stay calm and not to panic, or getting alarmed and rambling out comical, unpositive things. Whenever Pablo starts to get worried about something, his friends are always there to calm him and assure him that everything will be okay. 


Despite his fear of many things, Pablo will always help a friend in need. He is also a very clever little penguin. Throughout his adventures, he loves coming up with new ideas for him and his friends to make their pretend play more interesting.

Pablo main large

Pablo's voice is provided by Zach Tyler Eisen in the first season and Jake Goldberg in seasons two through four. His singing voice is provided by Sean Curley. For authorized, public live productions after 2009, Sean Curley (his singing voice) potrayed Pablo's voice, both speaking and singing.


Pablo is good-natured and tries to make everyone happy. He is an imaginative and frenetic little penguin who’s a bit tightly wound. He thinks, speaks, acts, and reacts quickly – but by no means is he a birdbrain. Pablo is always ready to help his backyard playmates as they explore the High Seas, the Frozen North, or the Wild West. He may not be the most agile or graceful of the friends, but he’s enthusiastic and determined.

In season one, Pablo got worried often and had a "panic attack" in almost every episode he appeared in (exceptions include It's Great To Be A Ghost!, Monster Detectives, and The Yeti). In season two, Pablo does not get worried as frequently and he is shown mostly as being enthusiastic and easily excited from time to time. In season three, he shows no sign of being scared to do something, with the exception of the episode Pirate Camp. This also had an affect on his popular "panic attacks", which he did not encounter during season three, except for the episode Caveman's Best Friend. The panic attacks were brought up again in an episode from the fourth season, The Flipper!, though in this specific instance it was excitement as opposed to panic.



Pablo's head, arms, back and toes are of a blue color and his chest and legs are a pale yellow. His arms end in mitten-like flippers. He has a blue bowtie and a blue-and-yellow beanie hat with a red propeller, which are the only clothing he wears outside of a story. He has a yellow beak, a pink tongue and dark blue eyelashes. Pablo is the only character who has toes.


Pablo has appeared in every episode of The Backyardigans except for one, Chichen-Itza Pizza. To see a list of all his appearances, go to List Of Pablo's Appearances.


  • Surfer PabloGo to Surf's Up
  • Pablo as ZabloGo to Ranch Hands from Outer Space
  • Tarzan PabloGo to The Heart Of The Jungle
  • Pirate PabloGo to Pirate Treasure
  • Pablo as Yucky ManGo to Race To The Tower Of Power
  • Desert Explorer PabloGo to The Quest for the Flying Rock
  • Castaway PabloGo to Castaways
  • Agent PabloGo to Elephant on the Run
  • Professor PabloGo to To the Center of the Earth
  • Giant PabloGo to Escape from Fairy Tale Village
  • Very Clean GuyGo to Race To The Tower Of Power
  • Pablo as a SuperheroGo to Super Team Awesome!
  • Pablo as a ninjaGo to Samurai Pie
  • Pablo the VikingGo to Viking Voyage
  • Pablo the Static-TesterGo to For the Love of Socks!
  • Professor BugGo to Robot Rampage
  • YetiGo to The Yeti
  • King PabloGo to Tale of the Mighty Knights
  • Police Officer PabloGo to Caveman's Best Friend
  • Jockey Pablo on ThunderGo to Horsing Around
  • Mountie PabloGo to The Snow Fort
  • Pablo the Tower GuardGo to Break Out!
  • Agent PabloGo to Secret Mission
  • Pablo the Ping Pong BanditGo to Blazing Paddles
  • Pablo FloatingGo to Mission To Mars
  • PablorGo to Pablor and the Acorns
  • Pablo the Soccer MonsterGo to Monster Detectives
  • Pablo PablovichGo to Catch that Train!
  • Pablo as the vampireGo to Scared Of You
  • Pablo as the Guardian Of The GateGo to Knights Are Brave And Strong
  • Pablo the EditorGo to Front Page News
  • Pablo the SwiftGo to The Legend Of The Volcano Sisters
  • Pablo as The FlipperGo to The Flipper!
  • Pablo the CookGo to The Big Dipper Diner
  • Wizard PabloGo to A Giant Problem
  • Playing AccordionGo to Polka Palace Party
  • Pablo as Mr.Spiffy
  • Scientist Pablo
  • Pablo as Commander Pablo
  • Pablo named Mr. Jingles
  • Pablo in the Theme Song
  • Detective Pablo
  • Pablo in The Yeti
  • Pablo as The FlipperGo to The Flipper!
  • Very angry Pablo
  • Robin Hood The Clean
  • Pablo
  • Pablo and Uniqua as walk-around charactersGo to Pablo Walk-Arounds


  • Pablo has been absent for one episode. His one absence was in Chichen-Itza Pizza.
  • Pablo is the second-most common character to be featured on merchandise, after Uniqua (the series' main protagonist).
  • Pablo has played a few villains throughout the series, such as Yucky Man from Race To The Tower Of Power, and Professor Bug from Robot Rampage.
  • Pablo has a tendency to panic when the situation looks grim. This character trait was most common in the first season, and brought back off and on a few times throughout the other seasons.
  • Pablo takes the role of the protagonist in the double-length episode International Super SpyThe protagonist of the overall series, Uniqua, assumes the role of an antagonist.
  • The characters coincidentally visit Pablo's house for a snack in each double-length episode.
  • Pablo is the shortest main character.
  • Pablo has a talent to play the accordion and trumpet.


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