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Talk0 is a website for children to access arcade games.

.Com Jr

Game/parenting site
Created in
The Backyardigans relation
Digital arcade games featuring characters


The current form includes mostly parenting advice and a small section of games. The previous versions of the site did not include the parenting advice, they only included games and videos only.


The games featured on are based on the television shows broadcast on Nick Jr. and Nick Play Date. Some games featuring old Nick Jr. mascots from the 1990s and early 2000s are kept in a small area of the site, though some games are not currently available.

Other Digital Programs

Nick Jr. Video

In 2006, a section of the website known as Nick Jr. Video was created for children to watch clips and full episodes of shows if the TV show was not on their television sets at the moment. Most videos are still available in the site's current form.

Nick Jr. Boost

In 2009, (also during the remodeling of the site) a section of the site known as Nick Jr. Boost was created to store curriculum games that adapt to children's skill level.


1990s was created before It was used to store games featuring Noggin Original shows.


In the early 2000s, was created. Games featuring the 1994-2004 mascot "Face" were designed to help children learn basic skills, such as numbers and letters.


In 2003, when the mascot "Piper O'Possum" replaced Face, the site was designed to look childish. There were not much parenting columns at this time, and the games basically were the main concept of the site.


In 2009, when Noggin was renamed Nick Jr., was redesigned. Now, it has much more parenting advice. The normal site is completely filled with adult-themed content. Only a small section of the website is used for children to play games.


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