Ngā Pakingarara is the Māori dub of The Backyardigans.

The dub premiered in Q4 2006 with the episode "Pirate Treasure".

Official description

From Māori Television: Action-packed, song-filled adventures for children. For five friends, each backyard play datessic brings a new fantasy adventure.

Voice cast

Character(s) Actor
Uniqua N/A
Pablo Tiare Tawera
Tyrone N/A
Tasha N/A
Austin N/A


Main article: List of episodes

The first season has been dubbed in Māori.


Episodes had been broadcast in New Zealand on Māori Television from 2006 to 2010.

Māori Television's Te Poaka only aired the first season, in PAL. Episodes on Te Poaka were aired in fullscreen format. The series was cut from the channel's lineup in 2009.


No merchandise whatsoever was distributed for the Māori series. However, merchandise was sold during the period of time in which the original series was shown on Television New Zealand.

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