The following is a list of The Backyardigans merchandise produced by Multibrink. These items were primarily sold in Brazil.

Plush doll assortment

Image Product
Uniqua Boneco Box and Loose
Uniqua doll (standard)
Pablo Multibrink
Pablo doll (standard)
Tyrone Out of Box Multibrink
Tyrone doll (standard)
Tasha Boneco
Tasha doll (standard)
Austin Boneco Multibrink
Austin doll (standard)
Weather Woman Plush
Uniqua doll (Weather Woman)
Yucky Man With Mask
Pablo doll (Yucky Man)
Dr. Shrinky Plush Boneco
Tyrone doll (Dr. Shrinky)
Eraser Girl Plush
Tasha doll (Eraser Girl)
Captain Hammer Multibrink
Austin doll (Captain Hammer)
Easter Uniqua
Uniqua doll (Easter outfit)
Backyardigans Easter Pablo Boneco
Pablo doll (Easter outfit)

Agarradinho toy assortment

Image Product
The Backyardigans Uniqua Agarradinho
Uniqua figure
The Backyardigans Pablo Agarradinho
Pablo figure
The Backyardigans Tyrone Agarradinho
Tyrone figure
The Backyardigans Tasha Agarradinho
Tasha figure
The Backyardigans Austin Agarradinho
Austin figure

Squeeze toy assortment

Image Product
The Backyardigans Uniqua Squeeze Toy by Multibrink
Uniqua squeeze toy
The Backyardigans Pablo Squeeze Toy by Multibrink
Pablo squeeze toy
The Backyardigans Tyrone Squeeze Toy by Multibrink
Tyrone squeeze toy
The Backyardigans Tasha Squeeze Toy by Multibrink
Tasha squeeze toy
The Backyardigans Austin Squeeze Toy by Multibrink
Austin squeeze toy


Image Product
BackyardiBabies Baby Uniqua in Box
Baby Uniqua Kit
BackyardiBabies Baby Pablo in Box
Baby Pablo Kit
The Backyardigans Board Game Set by Multibrink
Board game set
The Backyardigans Multibrink Let's Play Music! Scooter
Let's Play Music! scooter
The Backyardigans Mini Tent by Multibrink
Mini tent
The Backyardigans Table and Chair Set by Multibrink
Table and chair set

Merchandise lines
United States/Canada
AnagramBaby BoomImperial ToyJibbitzLearning CurveMarmol & SonPlay-DohTiny PrintsTyZak! Designs
Latin America
BBRBiotropicDicanElkaFrescorLilloLong JumpMega BloksMis LadrillosMultibrinkNautikaSimond'sSunny Brinquedos
Backyardigans BabyLet's Play Music!Move to the Music!Sport-Tacular

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