The following is a transcript for "Mission to Mars."


All: "Mission to Mars!"

Uniqua: Mission control! Space shuttle ready for liftoff. Oh hi! I'm Commander Uniqua! I'm an astronaut!

Pablo: Me too!

Austin: Me three!

Uniqua: We're getting ready to take off in our space shuttle. Mission control, we're ready for our instruction.

Tasha: Roger that, Commander Uniqua. Mission Control.

Tyrone: Shuttle crew. We have been recieving a strange signal from outer space.

Tasha: It sounds like this. "Boinga, boinga, boinga!".

Tyrone: We don't know what's makin' it, but we know it's coming from planet Mars.

Tasha: Shuttle crew, your instructions are.....

Tyrone: Go to planet Mars and find out what's makin' that strange sound!

Uniqua: Roger that, mission control! Shuttle crew, we're goin' to Mars!

Pablo and Austin: Yeah, all right!

[They sing and dance to the song "We're Going to Mars."]

Tyrone: Let's go to Mission Control! The sky is blue and clear.

[Tyrone and Tasha arrive at Mission Control while the others get into their spaceship.]

Uniqua: And the space shuttle is ready for liftoff!

Tyrone: Stand by for liftoff, shuttle crew. Prepare for....

Tasha: Wait a minute. I'm getting another strange signal from Mars.

Mysterious Mars Signal: Boinga, Boinga, Boinga! Boinga, Boinga, Boinga!

Tyrone: You hear that, shuttle crew!?

Uniqua: Loud and clear, mission control! Let's go find out what's makin' that sound!

Tasha: Ready for liftoff in 10... 9... 8.... 7....

Uniqua: Shuttle Commander Uniqua ready for liftoff!

Pablo: Science Officer Pablo ready for liftoff!

Austin: Lieutenant Austin ready for liftoff!

Tasha: 3.. 2...1.... Ignition! [The astronauts blast into outer space in their shuttle. They sing and dance to a reprise of "We're Going to Mars." The shuttle approaches Mars.]

Uniqua: It's Mars!

Austin: Wow!

Pablo: Amazing!

Uniqua: Let's land this ship!

Tasha: Roger that, commander. Prepare to landing! On a robot-dog!

Uniqua: Roger that, Mission Control.

[The ship lands, and the astronauts get off.]

Uniqua: Mission control, this is Commander Uniqua. We have landed safely on Mars.

Tyrone: Roger that, Commander.

Pablo: According to my calculations, this is martian dirt and these are martian rocks.

Uniqua: Lieutenant Austin, get out the Mars rover.

[Austin gets out of the space shuttle with a Mars rover.]

Austin: Got that, Commander Uniqua.

[He drives the rover over to Uniqua.]

Austin: Hey, ROVER, here boy! Good boy, ROVER. You wanna play ball, ROVER?


Austin: Okay, boy. Fetch! [throws a ball]

Austin: Good boy! But no more ball right now, boy.

Uniqua: Lieutenant Austin, got the equipment ready?

Austin: Yup. We're ready for anything!

[They all dance and sing along to the song "Ready for Anything."] Tasha: Commander, We're getting that signal again. Listen.

"Mysterious Mars Signal": Boinga! Boinga!

"Uniqua": We hear it mission control

"Pablo": According to my calculations, it could be coming from those mountains over there. "Uniqua" OK crew, let's go!

[The astronauts jump into ROVER and set off on their journey.]

Uniqua: Underhander and Informer Pablo, report!

Pablo: According to my calculations, we should be.... [a space rock hits him on the head] hey!

Austin: What happened?

Pablo: Something just hit me on the.... [another rock hits him] ow!

[Uniqua and Pablo get out of the Mars rover and investigate.]

Uniqua: It was a rock. [a rock falls on her head] Hey! I got hit too!

Austin: Ow! Me too!

Pablo: It's raining rocks!

Uniqua: It's a meteor shower!

Uniqua: Austin, activate ROVER's umbrella!

Austin: Put up your umbrella, boy!

[ROVER activates his Umbrella feature.]

Austin: Good boy, ROVER!

All: We're ready for anything!

Tyrone: Shuttle crew! What's happening!?

Uniqua: Everything's okay, mission control. Just a small meteor shower.

Tasha: Uh, there's no such thing as a small meteor shower. In a few seconds they're going to get a lot...

[A huge meteor crashes on Mars' surface.]


Astronauts: Oh no!

Uniqua: We need to seek shelter.

Pablo: Roger that. Commander! Over there! A cave!

Uniqua: Come on! Let's move. On the count of three.


[The astronauts charge toward the cave.]

Austin: Phew. Good thing we had our Mars helmets on.

[They take off their helmets.]

Uniqua: We're okay, mission control. Stand by.

Tasha: Roger that.

Pablo: Woah. Check it out.

[ROVER barks and wants to play.]

Austin: Not right now, boy, okay?

Uniqua: I wonder how far down it goes.

[Uniqua and the astronauts stare at the ledge of the cave.]

Pablo: According to our calculations, it's a far way down.

Uniqua: Okay. Let's head back. We don't want to lose contact with mission control.

Pablo: Did you hear something?

Austin: Yeah. I heard something.

[The ledge crumbles as ROVER moves toward the astronauts.]

All: No boy, no boy, no boy, no boy, no! Ahh!

[They fall down as the ledge breaks off.]

All: Ahh! Woah, woah, woah, woah! Yee-haw, Mars rover.

[They fall down a slide.]

Pablo: Ahh!

Uniqua: Whoa!

Pablo: Whoa, yahoo!

Austin: Yeah, all right!

All: Whoa!

Uniqua: Is everyone okay? Pablo?

Pablo: Yeah. I'm okay.

Uniqua: Austin?

Austin: Yep. ROVER? ROVER? Oh no! ROVER! We lost him. We're never gonna see him again. Did you see it again!

Uniqua: It's okay, Austin. We'll find him. We're ready for anything, remember.

Austin: [solemnly] Yeah. Anything.

Uniqua: Mission control? This is Commander Uniqua.

Pablo: We lost contact with them, didn't we?

Uniqua: Yeah. We're way too far underground.

Tyrone: Shuttle crew? This is mission control. Can you read?

Tasha: Come in?

Tyrone: Our astronauts are lost forever on Mars!

Tyrone: We'll never see them again.

Tasha: Tyrone? Hello? Remember. They're astronauts. And no matter what happens, they would never never give up.

Pablo: I give up.

Austin: Me too. We're never going to get outta here.

[They sing along to the song "Astronauts Never Give Up."]

All: Phew. Uh-oh.

Uniqua: Uh-oh is right. There's no where else to go.

Pablo: Now what do we do?

Austin: We're stuck!

Uniqua: Well, at least things can't get any worse.

Pablo: Uh, I think things are getting worse.

[Bubbles come out of the surrounding goo.]

Austin: What is that?

Pablo: I dunno, but according to my calculations, it's gonna get us.

[A robotic claw with a ball appears shocking the astronauts]

Uniqua: It's a martian!

Austin: It's ROVER's ball.

[He steps toward the ball. ROVER appears out of the goo]

Austin: It's ROVER! [Rover barks, and Austin hugs him in joy] ROVER!

All: All right!

Austin: I Thought I'd never see you again!

Uniqua: Lieutenant Austin, activate ROVER's float function.

Austin: OK, Commander! ROVER, float boy, float. [ROVER activates his raft, making himself float.]

Uniqua: Ready for anything, crew?

All: Ready for anything!

Austin: Good boy, ROVER!

[Rover Barks]

Boinga: Boinga, boinga, boinga! Boinga, boinga, boinga!

Pablo: Did you hear that?

Uniqua: That's the sound!

Pablo: According to my calculations, it's coming from that way.

Uniqua: Come on! Let's move!

Austin: Let's go, boy!

[ROVER swims to the direction of the creature sound.]

All: Woah!

[They see a whole martian city with round shaped red-pink buildings.]

Austin: It's an underground city!

Uniqua: It's an underground martian city!

Pablo: If this is a martian city it means... that... that...

Uniqua: Martians live here! Let's take a closer look!

[Uniqua drives ROVER to the city and stops as it drives out of the goo]

Boinga: BOINGA! Boinga, boinga, boinga!

Austin: Stay here, boy. (Rover barks obeying Austin) Good boy.

[They approach the martian house.]

"Boinga:" Boinga. Boinga! Boinga, Boinga, BOINGA!

Pablo: What should we do now?

Uniqua: we ring the doorbell.

[Uniqua rings the doorbell.]

'"Boinga:'" Boinga. (The door swings open.)

Boinga: Boinga. (The three look down and see a cute Martian infant with pair of white eyes on green stalks with black pupils.) Boinga!

Pablo: A martian!

"Austin:' (astonished) WOW...

Uniqua: Hello there, I'm....

Boinga: Boinga! Boinga! Boinga, Boinga, Boinga!

[Boinga lets them inside.]

'"Boinga:'" Boinga, Boinga!

Uniqua: Come on. ( Uniqua Pablo, and Austin walk inside Boinga's house with purple texture and futuristic furniture).

Boinga: (jumps out behind a piece of furniture) Boinga! (Jumps out behind couch) Boinga! (Jumps out behind Uniqua) Boinga! ( They look at Boinga with a surprised reaction)

Mommy Martian: Boinga? You're supposed to be in bed, hunny. It's time for all martians to go to sleep.

Boinga: Boingaaa.......

Mommy Martian: Boinga, earth astronauts. Good springies!

Uniqua: Hello. I'm Commander Uniqua from planet Earth.

Austin: I'm Lieutenant Austin, from Earth too!

Pablo: I'm Science Officer Pablo.

Boinga: Boinga!

Mommy Martian: This is Boinga, and I'm her mommy.

Pablo: Heh-heh. She sure says boinga a lot.

Mommy Martian: Well, Boinga is an important word on Mars. Almost everything is boinga here.

[They sing along to the song "Almost Everything Is Boinga Here."]

Mommy Martian: Well, you astronauts can go home.

Pablo: Okay.

Tyrone: Mission control! We've thought you got lost!

[The astronauts pick up the telephone.]

Uniqua: Well, it's a funny Mars story. But we found out what the creature sound was.

Tasha: Oh! What was it?

Boinga: Boinga!

Uniqua: Can you come over to my house and have s'mores? Yeahhhhhh!

Tyrone and Tasha: Sure!

[Mars transforms back into the backyard.]

Tyrone: That was an excellent adventure, don't ya think!?

Others: Sure was.

[They sing the ending song and enter Uniqua's house. Uniqua opens the previously closed door.]

Uniqua: Boinga-boinga-boinga!