Malí Nezbedníci (English: The Small Gang) is the Slovak dub of the Backyardigans television series.

Debuting in 2012, 6 select episodes from the the third season were released on a span of two, separate discs.

Official description

From the DVD: Sú roztomilí, hraví a vedia báječne spievať a tancovať. To sú malí nezbedníci! Ich dvorček sa vie premeniť na miesto plné neuveriteľných dobrodružstiev. Ak máte radi veselé príbehy, srandu a pesničky, budú malí nezbedníci vašimi najlepšími kamarátmi. V ich kúzelnom svete zažijete veľa zábavy. Tak rýchlo, rýchlo, Nezbedove už na vás na dvore čakajú ....
Translation: They're cute, playful, and they can sing and dance wonderfully. They are the Small Gang! Their backyard can turn into a place full of incredible adventures. If you like cheerful stories, fun, and songs, the Small Gang will be your best friends. In their magical world, you will experience a lot of fun. So come on, come on, the Gang's waiting in the backyard...

Voice cast

Character(s) Actor
Uniqua TBA
Pablo TBA
Tyrone TBA
Tasha TBA
Austin TBA


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Only six, out of twenty, episodes from the third season were translated and dubbed in Slovak.


The episodes were never broadcast on television, as they were a direct-to-DVD series. The aspect ratio retains the original 4:3 size.


Malí Nezbedníci has been released on home video by Intersonic. Videos were only released in 2012.


  • This dub was produced to be released on the Czech DVDs as an alternate audio track.
  • This dub, along with the Czech dub, ranks the lowest episode count.
  • In the dubbing for Caveman's Best Friend, the pitch of the backing track for both I Want a Pet parts have been modified by being raised from its initial B major key to C#.
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