Los Caballeros son Fuertes y Valientes is a musical performance based on The Backyardigans. Its plot borrows from the episode "Knights Are Brave and Strong". It began touring Argentina and El Salvador in 2008.

A Brazilian Portuguese version, titled Os Cavaleiros são Fortes e Valentes, toured Brazil from 2008 to 2014.



"Uniqua the Pink must deliver a secret message from Queen Tasha to King Austin. If she manages to deliver it on time, she will be dubbed a knight! But the trip will be very difficult: Uniqua must face the Moose of the Mist, convince the Guardian of the Gate, and cross the Swamp of Stinkiness, a smelly lake whose waters stink so much that whoever falls in will smell bad forever...yuck!"


  • Dalia Birman
  • Jesica Chorni
  • Francisco Canosa
  • Natalia Borzone
  • Luciana Sacca

The Portuguese version uses the original Brazilian Portuguese voices.





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