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The Lillo products are a line of baby items released by the Brazilian company, Lillo. They feature either Uniqua or Pablo on each product, with Tyrone present on most packaging.

Although some products in the line feature regularly-aged Uniqua and Pablo, the Lillo items are classified as part of the Backyardigans Babies merchandise collection. This is because some of the products in the Lillo line are grouped along with "Backyardigans Babies" items in combo packs.


A hora da alimentação é um momento de muito prazer para os bebês e de contentamento para os pais. Pensando nisso, a Backyardigans Lillo foi elaborada especialmente para deixar este momento ainda mais confortável e seguro.

Translation: Mealtime is a time of great fun for babies and contentment for parents. With this in mind, the Backyardigans Lillo was developed especially to make this moment even more comfortable and safe.


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