Let's Play Music!

The Backyardigans Let's Play Music! Guide Cover

Merchandise/promotional images
Created in
Country of origin
USA (art)

South America (distribution)

China (manufacturing)
Produced by

Let's Play Music! (often referred to as Backyardigans Music) is a merchandise line of the television series The Backyardigans. It includes promotional images and items, sold primarily in South America.


It's time to rock out with the Backyardigans! These backyard friends have always loved music, but in this collection of art, they’re strapping on electric guitars, smashing their drum kits, and playing a bit more on the wild side! Join the band with these new patterns and poses!


The illustrations are mainly used for promotional images. Let's Play Music! merchandise is very popular in South American regions, especially Brazil.


The Let's Play Music! merchandise line was created in 2013, first used for promotional images. Later that year, various items, such as party and school supplies, were released in South American regions.


  • Let's Play Music! products use the logo for The Backyardigans.

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