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Le Master of Disguise


Le Master of Disguise
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Le Master of Disguise is a sly and witty trickster who is played by Pablo. He was formerly trying to run away from Inspector Austin of the Paris Police. He owns many disguises (hence the name) and is almost never seen without one on.


Le Master of Disguise is mostly of a blue color. His clown outfit consists of a blue and yellow propeller hat, an curly orange wig, a purple and white stripe undershirt, a purple polka dot vest with a white and blue bow tie, and purple and white striped pants (As seen in Best Clowns In Town). His cowboy outfit consists of a beige cowboy hat and a red bandanna (As seen in Riding The Range, Polka Palace Party, and The Secret Of Snow). His pirate outfit consists of a a black pirate hat with blue outlining and a blue Jolly-Roger and gray pants with a black belt and gold buckle around his waist (As seen in Pirate Treasure and Fly Girl). His king attire consists of a gold crown and a red royal robe with white fur consisting of black dots (As seen in Tale of the Mighty Knight). His mountie outfit consists of a red mountie outfit with gold buttons and a tan-colored ranger hat (As seen in The Snow Fort). His knight outfit consists of a white and blue-striped squire's uniform with a light blue fancy lily pattern (As seen in Knights Are Brave And Strong). His outfit after the backyard sequence, while going onto the Orient Express, consists a black suit with a black hat. His conductor outfit consists of a blue and gold conductors hat, a dark blue suit with undone-buttons, a white dress shirt underneath, a dark teal tie, and dark blue pants. His waiter outfit consists of a white coat, a white dress shirt underneath with a black tie, and gray and black striped pants and black shoes. His Inspector Austin Impersonation oufit consists of a black suit with silver buttons, a dark purple hat, a tie-dyed blue and tan bowtie, and a fake gray mustache. When he wasn't in disguise, he only wears a brown fedora hat.


Pablo has only played as Le Master of Disguise in one episode of The Backyardigans with the same name, from season three.


  • Disguised As A Clown
  • Disguised As A Pirate
  • Disguised As A Cowboy
  • Disguised As A King
  • Disguised As A Mountie
  • Disguised As A Knight
  • Disguised As A Conductor
  • Disguised As A Waiter
  • Disguised As Inspector Austin
Played By Pablo
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