"It's a Sunny Day" is a song from the episode "Match on Mt. Olympus".

Characters singing


Part 1

Tyrone: The outlook today calls for sunshine! There won't be a cloud in the sky! The air will be clear, and you just heard it here! I'm Tyrone, your weather guy! The birds and the flowers are singing!

Pablo: Except I don't think that flowers can sing!

Tyrone: I think you got me there, but I don't really care... 'cause the sun shines on everything!

Tyrone and Pablo: It's a sunny day! What a perfect sunny day! We are Ancient Greeks who are basketball freaks! And everything's going our way...  'cause it's a sunny day!

Pablo: It's a beautiful day to be glad in, and I'm glad that you are my friend!

Tyrone: Hey, I'm glad you are, too!

Tyrone and Pablo: It's too good to be true! I wish this day would never end! It's a sunny day! What a perfect, sunny day! There's so much we can do when the sky is so blue! Anything we can think we can play! It's a sunny day! What a sunny day! It's a sunny day!

Part 2

Tyrone and Pablo: It's a sunny day! What a happy, sunny day!

Tyrone: And that's not all, we got our basketball!

Pablo: And it's a perfect day to play!

Tyrone and Pablo: It's a sunny day!

Part 3

All: It's a sunny day, what a perfect sunny day!

Austin: We're glad you showed us all...

Tasha: How to play basketball!

Uniqua: It's our favorite new game to play.

All: It's a sunny day! Such a sunny day! What a sunny day!

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