"It's Great to Be a Ghost!" is a song from the episode of the same name.

Characters singing


Part 1

Pablo: When I make that moanin' sound, I get the urge to float around. With my arms stretched out, I could float all day, and there's a word that I heard a ghost once say: It's boo! I say boo! Oh, boo, boo, boo, yeah, boo to you! Not a care in the world, you'll hear me boast, 'cause, boo! It's great to be a ghost!

Part 2

Pablo: First you make a moanin’ sound, hold your arms out to float around. But that’s not all, ‘cause I’m sure you’ve heard about a ghost’s all-time favorite word, it’s boo!

Uniqua: (screaming) I say boo!

Pablo: (screaming)

Uniqua: Oh, boo, boo, boo!

Pablo: Yeah, boo to you!

Pablo and Uniqua: Not a care in the world, you'll hear us boast, ‘cause...

Uniqua: Boo!

Pablo: (screaming)

Uniqua: It’s great to be a ghost! Now you try it, Tyrone.

Tyrone: I’ll try to make that moaning sound and maybe I’ll start to float around. But I’m nervous, ‘cause I’m not so sure about the word that I just heard.

Uniqua: It’s boo!

Tyrone: (screaming) You say boo!

Pablo and Uniqua: Yeah!

Tyrone: Oh, boo, boo, boo!

Uniqua: You know it’s true!

All: Not a care in the world can hear us boast, cause...

Tyrone: Boo! It’s great to be a ghost!

Pablo and Uniqua: Boo! It’s great to be ghost!

All: We say boo! It’s great to be a ghost!

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