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It's Great to Be a Ghost! is a DVD featuring four episodes of The Backyardigans from the first season. It is the first volume in The Backyardigans DVD series.


Special features

  • "Meet the Backyardigans"
  • "How to Be a Backyardigan"
  • "A Pirate Says Arrr" music video
  • Previews


  • This is the only video released in a white case rather than a black one.
  • The back cover lists "The Key to the Nile" and "Pirate Treasure" as bonus episodes.
  • The "Meet the Backyardigans" special feature on this disc marks the first appearance of Mountie Austin, a role that Austin never assumes in "The Snow Fort".
  • This DVD comes with an insert that advertises four Blue's Room DVD volumes on the front and four Dora the Explorer DVD volumes on the back.
The Backyardigans DVD series
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It's Great to Be a Ghost!The Snow FortPolka Palace PartyCave PartySurf's Up!
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Season 3
Tale of the Mighty KnightsHigh Flying Adventures!Mighty Match-Up!Escape from Fairytale Village!Robin Hood the Clean
Season 4
Robot RepairmanJoin the Adventurer's ClubEscape from the TowerOperation Elephant DropChristmas with the BackyardigansWe Arrrr Pirates!
Nick Jr. FavoritesSinging Sensation!

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