"I Love the Library" is a song from the episode "The Masked Retriever".

Characters singing


Tasha: The library, the library, I love, love, love the library. One thing you should know about me, I love, love, love...the library!

Uniqua: It's a place that's bright and warm.

Tasha: It's a place that's calm and quiet.

Uniqua: It's a place where you can read a book and you don't...have to buy it.

Tasha: The chairs are nice and comfy.

Uniqua: The lighting is just right, any book you want is here.

Tasha: And if I could, I'd stay all night! I like to read biographies and scientific theory.

Uniqua: There's comic books and cookbooks, too, and the history of...Lake Erie.

Tasha: I find a book and sit and read by the light of the tasteful lamp.

Uniqua: And if you want to take it home, I'll stamp it trusty stamp.

Tasha: What if I want a particular book that's high up on a shelf?

Uniqua: We've got rolling footstools and you can get it down yourself.

Tasha: And if the book's up really high?

Uniqua: That's no tricky matter, just come and ask the librarian and I'll climb my fancy ladder.

Tasha: The library, the library, I love, love, love the library.

Uniqua: You love it just as much as me.

Both: We love, love, love...the library!

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