The following is a transcript for "High Tea."


All: "High Tea!"

Pablo: Vroom vroom! Rrrr....

Tyrone: Hey, Pablo. Wanna go mountain climbing with me?

Pablo: No, I'm driving a racecar. Wanna race with me?

Tyrone: No, I prefer more thrilling things.

Pablo: Well, I prefer fast things.

Uniqua: Hey, guys! What's up?

Pablo: Wanna drive a racecar with me?

Tyrone: Wanna go mountain climbing with me?

Uniqua: Actually, I prefer more funny things. Wanna join me and do stand-up comedy?

Uniqua: I know what! Let's let Tasha decide.

Tyrone: We all do.

Uniqua: Deal?

All: Deal!

Uniqua: Hi, Tasha!

Tyrone: Hey, Tasha!

Pablo: Hey, Tasha.

Tasha: How lovely to see you.

Pablo: Hey, Tasha, don't you want to do something exciting and fast?

Tyrone: Or maybe something exciting and thrilling?

Uniqua: Or something exciting and funny?

Pablo: Your choice.

Tyrone: Whatever you want.

Uniqua: No pressure!

Tasha: Well, dear friends...

Uniqua, Pablo and Tyrone: Yeah?

Tasha: We should have a tea party!

Uniqua, Pablo and Tyrone: (gasp) A tea party!

[The characters sing "Perfect Cup of Tea."]

Pablo: All right, let's just get it over with.

Tyrone: Bring on... [gulps] the tea party.

Uniqua: We're ready.

Tasha: Oh, goody! But there's just one teensy little thing.

Uniqua, Pablo and Tyrone: Yeah?

Tasha: To have a perfect tea party, you must have the perfect cup of tea.

Uniqua: Yeah?

Tasha: And to have the perfect cup of tea...

Pablo: Yeah?

Tasha: You must use the perfect tea leaves.

Tyrone: Yeah...

Tasha: And there's only one place where perfect tea leaves grow. The jungles of Borneo.

Uniqua, Pablo and Tyrone: The jungles of Borneo?

[The backyard transforms into Borneo.]

Tasha: Where there are lots and lots of trees.

Pablo: And vines.

Tyrone: And hopefully, tea leaves.

[Tasha sings a reprise of "Perfect Cup of Tea."]]

Pablo: Okay, let's get some tea leaves...

Tyrone: Have the tea party...

Uniqua: And then do something exciting!

Pablo and Tyrone: Yeah!

Tasha: There's just one teensy little thing.

Uniqua, Pablo and Tyrone: Yeah?

Tasha: There's only one kind of tea leaf that will make a perfect cup of tea...

Pablo: Yeah?

Tasha: And it only grows on one tree...

Uniqua: Yeah?

Tasha: In this whole jungle.

Uniqua: Find one tree in this whole jungle?

Pablo: But this place is full of trees!

Tyrone: We're doomed.

Tasha: Oh, come, come! The only thing we have to do is find the tree with golden tea leaves.

Uniqua: But how?

Tasha: Climb up and look around!

Pablo: Wow! This is one tall tree.

Tyrone: It certainly is.

Tasha: Do you see the golden tree?

Uniqua: Not from here! So how are we going to find it?

Tasha: Why zip, of course.

[Tasha points to four lifts.]

Pablo: Awesome!

Tyrone: Cool!

Uniqua: C'mon, you guys!

[The characters sing "Tree to Tree." They find the golden tea leaves.]

Tasha: Perfect!

Pablo: You know, all that zipping around in the treetops was pretty exciting.

Uniqua: Yeah!

Tasha: It was really exciting.

Tyrone: And thrilling.

Tasha: Excellent! We have the golden tea leaves of borneo. They'll make a perfect cup of tea.

Pablo: So we can have the tea party now, right?

Uniqua: We're ready. Pip-pip cheerio.

Tasha: Well, there's just another teensy little thing.

Uniqua: Yeah?

Tasha: To have the perfect cup of tea, you must brew it in the perfect tea pot.

Pablo: Yeah?

Tasha: And drink it from the perfect tea cups.

Tyrone: Yeah?

Tasha: Which we just need to borrow.

Uniqua: Borrow?

Pablo: From who?

Tasha: From the emperor of the Ming Empire. We'll just pop over to his palace and ask him.

Pablo: Oh, man!

Tasha: It's not far at all.

Tyrone: Making the perfect cup of tea certainly is complicated.

Uniqua: You can say that again.

Tyrone: Making the perfect cup of tea certainly is complicated.

Tasha: Quickly now! Don't dawdle. I do hope the emperor is at home.

Tasha: Oh dear, no answer. I shall ring again.

Uniqua: Maybe nobody's home.

Tasha: Nonsense! Hello! Your majesty! Hello? Helloooo!

Austin: Who dares to ring my doorbell?

Uniqua, Pablo and Tyrone: Whoa!

Tasha: It's me, Tasha.

Tyrone: Uh, and me, Tyrone.

Uniqua: And Uniqua.

Pablo: And Pablo.

Tasha: May we come in?

Austin: Oh. Well, all right.

Uniqua, Pablo and Tyrone: Whoa!

Tasha: Come along! Don't dawdle!

Tyrone: You know, that emperor didn't sound very happy that we rang his doorbell.

Tasha: Yes. Well, there's just one little thing about the emperor.

Uniqua, Pablo and Tyrone: Yeah?

Tasha: He tends to be just an eensy bit grumpy.

Uniqua, Pablo and Tyrone: Uh-oh.

Tasha: Ah, there he is. The Emperor of the Ming Empire.

Uniqua: You know, this emperor doesn't look too happy to see us.

Tyrone: That must be the tea set.

Tasha: Come along! Don't dawdle!

Tasha: Good afternoon, your highness. We've come to borrow your tea set.

Austin: You want to borrow my tea set?!

Tasha: Yes, please.

Austin: Hmmm...NO!

Pablo: Aw, man.

Tyrone: Awwwwww....

Uniqua: Shame.

Tasha: But, your majesty, we're planning a tea party and we need your tea set to make the perfect cup of tea.

Austin: Oh. Hmmm...NO!

Tasha: Oh, dear. Why are you so grumpy?

Austin: Because being the emperor is really hard. I have to sit on this throne all day long. It feels like I've been sitting here for a zillion years. And that makes me grumpy!

[The characters sing "The Grumpy Emperor." They discuss how if they could make the emperor laugh, he would be happy and give them the tea set.]

Tyrone: Maybe he won't be so grumpy.

Pablo: And he'll lend us his tea set!

Tasha: Let's try it!

Austin: You can try, but you won't get a laugh out of me.

[They try different jokes on the emperor in a reprise of "The Grumpy Emperor."]

Pablo: What a grumpy guy!

Tyrone: He just won't laugh!

Tasha: Oh, for goodness' sakes!

Uniqua: Hey, wait a minute! I know what could work. Knock, knock.

Austin: What?

Uniqua: Knock, knock.

Austin: [sighs] Who's there?

Uniqua: Banana.

Austin: Banana who?

Uniqua: Knock, knock.

Austin: Who's there?

Uniqua: Banana.

Austin: Banana who?!

Uniqua: Knock, knock.

Uniqua: Orange.

Austin: Orange WHO?!

Uniqua: Orange you glad I didn't say banana?

Austin: Hmmm... hmmmm... hmmm... brilliant!

Tasha: May I? [takes tea set]

Austin: Ah, sure! Of course! Take it. take the tea set. (hard laughs) Oh, I can't take it anymore!!

Tasha: Thank you, your majesty.

Tasha: Excellent work, old chaps.

Pablo: All right!

Uniqua: Now we have the tea set of the emperor of the ming empire...

Tyrone: ...And the golden tea leaves of Borneo.

Pablo: Everything we need for a perfect cup of tea, right?

Tasha: Well, there's just one more teensy-weensy thing...

Uniqua, Pablo and Tyrone: Yeah?

Tasha: Water. You can't make tea without hot water.

Pablo: Well, that can't be hard to find.

Tyrone: You're right.

Tasha: It will be easy peasey. We just have to dash over to the Gushing Geyser of the Gobi Desert.

Uniqua: The gushing what?

Pablo: Of the where?

Tasha: The Gushing Geyser of the Gobi Desert.

Pablo: What's that?

Tasha: It's where we'll get the perfect hot water, for the perfect cup of tea for the perfect tea party! You'll see!

Tasha: Tea, tea, tea. We'll have the perfect cup of tea. Now won't you join me?

Pablo: Oh, man! When are we going to do something exciting and fast?

Tyrone: Well, when you think about it, meeting the Emperor of the Ming Empire was pretty exciting.

Uniqua: Yeah, you're right. It was exciting and funny.

Pablo: Totally funny.

Tasha: Come along! Don't dawdle!

Tyrone: Okay!

Pablo: We'll be right there!

Pablo: So, how far is this Gushing Geyser?

Tasha: Not far. Look. There's the geyser!

Tyrone: I don't see anything.

Tasha: Look where I'm pointing!

Pablo: That little hill? That's the Gushing Geyser of the Gobi Desert?

Tasha: Well, it's not gushing right now, of course.

Tyrone: Obviously.

Tasha: The great Gushing Geyser only gushes once a day. But first it rumbles three times.

Uniqua, Pablo and Tyrone: Whoa! Whoa! What was that?

Tasha: That was the first rumble! Two more to go!

Pablo: So we have to get all the way over before the third rumble?

Tasha: Exactly. Or wait until tomorrow.

Pablo: Wait until tomorrow! Oh boy! Oh boy! The geyser only gushes once a day! Everybody stay calm. Be cool. That was just the first rumble.

Uniqua: Pablo?

Pablo: That was the first rumble! Only two more rumbles. How are we going to get there in only two rumbles?

Tasha: Pablo!

Pablo: Yeah?

Tasha: There's only one way to get to the geyser before the third rumble. Mongolian ponies.

Tyrone: That certainly is convenient!

Tasha: Mongolian ponies are the fastest running ponies in the world! Now, come along! Don't dawdle!

Pablo: Whoa!

Tyrone: Easy boy!

Tasha: Steady!

Uniqua: The second rumble!

Pablo: We've got to go!

Tasha: We can make it! Gallop, ponies, gallop!

[The characters sing "The Galloping Song."]

Uniqua: You know, this galloping is pretty exciting!

Tyrone: It's really exciting!

Pablo: It's exciting and fast!

Tyrone: You know, I still don't see anything gushing.

Tasha: Just you wait. Any moment now.

All: Whoa! Whooooaah! Whoa! Whooooaaah!

Uniqua: Wow! Look at that!

All: It's gushing!

Tasha: And it's filling up the teapot with hot water. Ahhh! Perfect! Mmm.....heavenly! Tea time, everyone!

Pablo: Cool!

Tyrone: All right! Tea time!

Austin: Ahem. Knock, knock.

Uniqua: Who's there?

Austin: Justin.

Uniqua: Justin who?

Austin: Just in time for tea, I hope. Plus, I brought the sugar.

Tasha: Excellent, your Highness.

Pablo: Thank you.

Uniqua: Mmm...

Tyrone: Thanks.

Tasha: And now, dear friends, the perfect cup of tea. Pip-pip!

All: Cheerio! Mmm...mmm!

[They all sing the last verse of "Perfect Cup of Tea."]

Tyrone: You know, I never knew having a tea party could be exciting and thrilling.

Uniqua: And exciting and funny.

Pablo: And exciting and fast.

Tasha: I did. Oh, my!

Pablo: I say. Do you know what would do perfectly with this cup of tea?

Tasha:Why yes, old chap-a snack!

Pablo: Want to come to my house for some peanut butter and jelly?

Uniqua: Yeah!

Tyrone: Mmm...peanut butter and jelly!

Austin: Yummy!

Tasha: That's my favorite!

Pablo: Mmm, I'm hungry!

Tasha: Pip-pip!

All: Cheerio!

Tyrone: That was an exciting tea party adventure, don't you think?

Uniqua: Yeah!

Tasha: Totally!

Pablo: It sure was!

Austin: It was exciting.

Pablo: See ya later!

[The cast sings the ending song.]

Tasha: Ta-ta!

Uniqua: See ya next time!

Tasha: Yummy, snack time!

Austin: Yaay!

[The cast enters Tasha's house. Tasha opens the door again.]

Tasha: Pip pip cheerio!

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