"Hide and Seek" is a song from the episode "Monster Detectives".

Characters singing


Tyrone: We’ll hide and seek, we’ll seek and hide.

Uniqua: We’ll find a closet, peek inside.

Tyrone: There’s nothing here, so let's keep on searching.

Uniqua and Tyrone: And if the monster comes, we’ll hide!

Tyrone: Yes, we must hide, but that’s not all.

Uniqua: We got to seek a soccer ball.

Tyrone: So we’ll search every room in this castle.

Uniqua and Tyrone: Yes, we’ll keep searching while we hide!

Tyrone: The monster might find us, he’ll sneak up behind us.

Uniqua: We won’t make a sound as we search all around.

Tyrone: Let’s go run down that hall now.

Uniqua and Tyrone: And look for that soccer ball now!

Pablo: Me seek and hide, me hide and seek, me find you if it takes all week. Me will creep and sneak up behind you, and when I find you we’ll play soccer! I’ll tell you what I want to seek, I want some friends to play with me. Now I’ll seek you out where you’re hiding, I’ll close my eyes and count to three.


  • This song is sung to the tune of "When the Saints Go Marching In".

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