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The Gloom Meister (now known as the Bloom Meister) is an evil citizen of Garden City played by Austin.


Gloom Meister previously hated flowers and enjoyed shadows and gloomy items and locations. He likes to laugh like a big, powerful supervillain, but his real laugh is a series of nerdy snorts and giggles.


The Gloom Meister is mostly of a purple color. He wears a purple coat, a bowler hat and black glasses. He wears purple striped pants and black shoes. He also has a metal glove called the Shadow Ray on his right hand that can fire shadows out of it to attack his enemies.


Austin has only played as the Gloom Meister in one episode of The Backyardigans: Flower Power, from season four.


  • Castanets are played in the background whenever the Gloom Meister appears.


  • Haha
  • Gloom held the flower girl!
Played By Austin
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