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Gilded Golden Butterfly


Gilded Golden Butterfly
First Appearance

The Gilded Golden Butterfly is a rare specimen of butterfly. The species is extraordinarily sneaky and can fly very quickly. Professor Pablo was the first to ever capture this insect, though he set the butterfly free soon after catching it and putting it in a glass jar. He was only able to catch it with the assistance of Stagecoach Driver Uniqua and Stagecoach Driver Tyrone. It is known for its large gold wings that shine when held up to the sun.


The Gilded Golden Butterfly is an agile and extraordinary kind of butterfly that lives in the western regions of the United States. It got its name because of its large gold wings. The butterfly does not belong in tight spaces such as glass jars and can fly very fast, quick enough to escape stagecoaches and swift professors.


The Gilded Golden Butterfly has a brown body and two black eyes. Its wings are golden and slightly specked with brown.


The Gilded Golden Butterfly has only appeared in one episode of The Backyardigans: Catch That Butterfly from season two.

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