"Giant Shoes" is a song from the episode "The Funnyman Boogeyman".

Characters singing


Austin: Giant shoes, giant shoes. My secret comedy weapon. Giant shoes I can't lose, when these shoes are steppin'. Got no need for corny jokes. Feast your eyes on these now, folks. Top shelf, boffo, rave reviews, with my giant shoes.

Pablo: Hey, we just met the boogeyman, but we didn't get scared to death!

Uniqua: That's just what I was gonna say as soon as I caught my breath!

Uniqua and Pablo: He's supposed to be the spookiest. He's supposed to be the worst.

Pablo: Is anyone not scared o'him?

Uniqua: I betcha we're the first.

Austin: Well, I'm not here to scare you, folks. I came here to amuse! So feast your eyeballs on these feet and on these giant shoes. Giant shoes, giant shoes. My secret comedy weapon. Giant shoes, I can't lose when these shoes are steppin'.

Uniqua: He isn't such a spooky guy.

Pablo: He's not even trying to scare us.

Uniqua: In fact he's sort of a funny guy.

Pablo: I'd say he's pretty hilarious.

Uniqua: This is not a monster who will make you scream and run.

Pablo: When you meet the boogeyman, prepare to have some fun.

All: Giant shoes, giant shoes. A secret comedy weapon. Giant shoes, you can't lose when those shoes are steppin'.

Uniqua: Got no need for baggy pants.

Pablo: Knock-knock jokes don't stand a chance.

Austin: I don't need a goofy wig.

Pablo: Nope! Because your shoes are big.

Uniqua: You're dynamite with a ten-foot fuse.

Pablo: You're number one, You're front page news!

Austin: There's no way that I can lose with these giant shoes. Oh yeah!

All: With these giant shoes. Dunt, da-da-dunt-dunt. Nice shoes!

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