The following is a transcript for "Front Page News."


All: "Front Page News!"

Tasha: Say cheese! [takes a picture] Hi, I'm Tasha, and I take pictures for a newspaper. But I'm not just a photographer. I'm also... [snaps fingers] a superhero! I'm SuperSnap... [zooms around quickly] the superhero with super speed! I do things in a snap! [snaps fingers] But don't tell anyone I'm a superhero, okay? Everyone thinks I'm just a regular ol' photographer.

[Tasha sings "I've Got a Secret Identity."]

Tasha: I live in Bigopolis, a city full of superheroes just like me! But remember, nobody knows i'm a superhero... but you. It's a secret. Shhhh! Come on! Off to Bigopolis! With its buildings... and more buildings... and even more buildings!

[The backyard transforms into Bigopolis. Tasha arrives at her workplace.]

Tasha: This is where i work, at the newspaper, the Bigopolis Big News. C'mon. [elevator dings] That's my boss, Pablo. He's the editor of the Bigopolis Big News! Hey boss! Say cheese! [takes a picture]

Pablo: Hiya, kid. What have i got to smile about?! I got a newspaper to print, and no front page picture yet! See? I tried to draw a picture, but it's just not the same.

Tasha: Don't worry, boss! I'll get you a front page picture!

Pablo: How, kid? You've never taken a front page picture before!

Tasha: I know, but it's always been my dream to have a picture on the front page of the newspaper. Maybe today will be the day.

Pablo: It better be, 'cause i need some front page news!

[Pablo and Tasha sing "Front Page News." The telephone rings.]

Pablo: Bigopolis Big News! What? Giant robot? That's great! [to Tasha] A giant robot is headed for the big city bridge and Captain Bubble is on his way to stop it. You get a picture of Captain Bubble saving that bridge, and I'll put it on the front page!

Tasha: No problem, boss! I'll get that picture... [snaps fingers] in a snap! [gasps]

Giant Robot: [robotic whirring and stomping]

Tasha: There's the giant robot, but where's Captain Bubble?

Tyrone: Captain Bubble to the rescue! Wherever there's trouble, i'll be there on the bubble! Have no fear! I "popped" in to save the day!

Tasha: Be sure to smile while you do it! I need a picture for the newspaper!

Tyrone: No problem. My smile is bubbly, too! Robot, prepare to be bubbled. I'm gonna need the biggest, strongest bubble I've ever made. [creates a bubble] Take that, robot! Ha!

Giant Robot: [grumbles]

Tasha: Great job, Captain Bubble! Now say "cheese!"

Tyrone: Cheese!

Giant Robot: Cheese, cheese, cheese. [whirring] Cheese, cheese, cheese...

Tyrone: Huh? Oof! Uh-oh.

Giant Robot: Cheese, cheese, cheese...

Tyrone: Ahh!

Giant Robot: Cheese, cheese, cheese...

Tyrone: The robot's headed right for the bridge! But i don't think I can stop that bubble, it's too big! [bubble pops]

Tasha: Captain bubble needs help! This is a job for... [snaps fingers] SuperSnap! I'll be there in a snap!

Tyrone: Who are you?

Tasha: [snaps fingers] SuperSnap, the superhero with superspeed! Don't worry, Captain Bubble, I can stop that robot!

Tyrone: You don't have tiiiiimmme! Okay, maybe you do.

Tasha: I'll zip around the robot so fast, it'll make a tornado and fly the robot away!

Giant Robot: Cheese, cheese, cheese... [flies away in a tornado] Cheese...

Tyrone: Great work! Thanks, SuperSnap!

Tasha: My pleasure! Well, gotta run!

Tyrone: Okay, bye- wow, she's fast.

Tasha: I did it! I saved the day! [snaps fingers and gasps] But I didn't take any pictures. My boss is not going to be happy!

Pablo: I am not happy!

Tasha: See? I told you.

Pablo: Let me get this straight, kid. Captain Bubble needed help, so this other superhero, SuperSnap, zipped up and helped him stop the giant robot?

Tasha: Uh-huh.

Pablo: And you didn't get any pictures?

Tasha: I couldn't! She moves too fast!

Pablo: That was the big news of the day! Giant robots like that only attack Bigopolis once, maybe twice a week! [answers the telephone] Hello? What's that?! The giant robot's back? Thanks! [to Tasha] The giant robot's sitting on the runway at the airport, stopping all the planes, and Bug Girl's on her way. I need a picture of Bug Girl getting rid of that robot!

Tasha: Don't worry, boss! I'll get that picture in a snap!

Giant Robot: Cheese, cheese.

Tasha: This is a perfect spot to get a front page picture! But where's Bug Girl?

Uniqua: [buzzing] With the wings of a bee and the hop of a grasshopper, here comes Bug Girl, the buggy crime stopper!

Tasha: That giant robot is blocking the runway, Bug Girl. The plane can't take off!

Uniqua: Don't worry! I, Bug Girl, will take care of that giant pest.

[Uniqua and Tasha sing "Bug Girl."]

Uniqua: I will now use my bug strength to lift this robot off the runway! [grunts] Whoa, whoa, whoa!

Tasha: Careful, Bug Girl!

Uniqua: Whoa... whoa! Oops.

Giant Robot: Cheese.

Tasha: She needs help! This is a job for... [snaps fingers] SuperSnap! I have a plan. I'll put those carts on the robot's feet and roll it away!

Tasha: Bug Girl! Lift the robot up! Now push!

Giant Robot: Cheese, cheese... cheese, cheese, cheese...

[Uniqua and Tasha lift the robot up.]

Giant Robot: Cheese, cheese, cheese...

Tasha: Bon voyage, jet!

Uniqua: Thanks for the help! What's your name?

Tasha: I'm SuperSnap, the superhero with super speed!

Uniqua: Bug Girl, all the powers of bugs. Nice saving the day with you.

Tasha: You, too.

Uniqua: You know, you kind of look like that photographer that was over there.

Tasha: Gotta go, bye!

Uniqua: Bye- wow, she's fast.

Tasha: [snaps fingers and gasps] Oh no! I saved the day, but I still didn't get a picture! I know what face my boss is gonna make. This one: [makes an angry expression] Grrr!

Pablo: Grrr! I can't believe super snap saved the day again, and you still didn't get a picture!

Tasha: I'm tellin' you, boss, she's just too fast!

Pablo: We'll never get another front page picture today, never! [answers the telephone] Hello? What? Look behind me? The giant robot, and Captain Bubble, and Bug Girl! This could be the biggest front page story yet! You think SuperSnap will be there, too?!

Tasha: If the other heroes need help, I'll be there in a snap!

Pablo: What?

Tasha: Uh, I mean, she'll be there in a snap.

Pablo: You're a strange kid, kid. Now get out there and get a front page picture! This is our last chance!

Tasha: I'll get it in a snap!

Pablo: She always says that, but she never gets a picture!

Giant Robot: [robotic whirring and stomping]

Tasha: This will make a great front page picture!

Uniqua: First i'll distract it, captain, then you do... something with bubbles.

Tyrone: That's what i do best, Bug Girl!

Uniqua: [buzzing]

Tyrone: Time to burst your bubble, robot! Meet the bubble wall of trouble!

Uniqua: You did it, Captain Bubble! You stopped the robot and saved Bigopolis!

Tyrone: Well, I couldn't have done it without you, Bug Girl!

Tasha: Great job, heroes! Now let me get a picture! Say cheese!

Uniqua and Tyrone: Cheese!

Giant Robot: Cheese, cheese, cheese, cheese, cheese.

Uniqua, Tyrone and Tasha: Oh no!

[The giant robot breaks Tyrone's bubble wall.]

Tyrone: Uh-oh. Nothing has ever broken my bubble wall of trouble before. Ahh!

Uniqua: Watch out!

Tasha: Yikes!

Uniqua, Tyrone and Tasha: Oh no! Ahhh! Whoa, whoa! Ahh! Watch out! Whoa!

Tasha: My camera! I'll never get a front page picture without my camera!

Giant Robot: Cheese, cheese, cheese...

Tyrone: We've got to stop that robot, Bug Girl!

Uniqua: But how, Captain Bubble?

Tyrone: Let's see if we can get close enough to hear what he's saying!

Giant Robot: Cheese, cheese, cheese, cheese...

Tasha: My camera!

Giant Robot: Cheese, cheese, cheese.

Uniqua: It sounds like the robot is saying "cheese."

Tyrone: You're right! And that can mean only one thing: the robot wants cheese.

Uniqua: So we better get him some.

Tyrone: I'll be right back! [goes to get cheese]

[Uniqua, Pablo, Tyrone and Tasha sing "Cheese, Cheese."]

Giant Robot: Cheese...

Tyrone: That's all the cheese in the whole city.

Uniqua: But he didn't like any of it!

Giant Robot: Cheese...

Uniqua: If the robot doesn't want cheese, then why would it say "cheese?"

Tasha: [wondering] Say "cheese." Say "cheese!"

Uniqua: Huh?

Tasha: Um, I'll be right back! This is a job for... [snaps fingers] SuperSnap! But I've got to get my camera back!

Uniqua and Tyrone: Hi, SuperSnap! Bye, SuperSnap!

Tasha: There it is! Now, I've just got to burst that bubble!

Giant Robot: Cheese, cheese...

Pablo: SuperSnap is back!

Uniqua: She'll save the day!

Giant Robot: Cheese, cheese, cheese, cheese, cheese, cheese.

Pablo: Yikes.

Giant Robot: Cheese, cheese...

Tasha: Yoo-hoo, robot! Say cheese!

Giant Robot: Cheese! Cheese! [poses for photos] Cheese!

Tasha: That's it! Work it, robot! Nice! Yeah!

Pablo: SuperSnap! You stopped the robot! How'd ya do it?

Tasha: The robot just wanted its picture taken! That's why it's been saying "cheese" all the time!

Giant Robot: Cheese!

Tasha: Nice, robot! Very nice. Now give me a serious pose.

Giant Robot: Cheese!

Pablo: Say, you're super at taking pictures, too, SuperSnap!

Tasha: Well, that is my job, boss.

Pablo: Boss? SuperSnap, I don't follow.

Tasha: Here, i'll show you. [snaps fingers]

Pablo: Kid! It's you!

Uniqua and Tyrone: You're SuperSnap?

Tasha: Yep! That's why i could never get a picture of the heroes saving the day, boss. Because I was out there saving the day with them!

Pablo: Good for you, kid, but bad for the newspaper! We still don't have a front page picture of you in action!

Tasha: We can get a front page picture right now! Everyone stand by the robot. I'll set the timer on my camera, so i can be in the picture, too! Here we go! Wrong outfit! Oops! [changes into SuperSnap] That's better. Say cheese!

All: Cheese!

[The camera shutter snaps. A view of the final photo is shown.]

Pablo: You did it, kid! That's the best front page picture ever!

Tasha: Thanks for your help, everybody! I couldn't have done it without you!

All: You're welcome!

Giant Robot: Cheese!

Pablo: The town is saved, the newspaper's saved, there's only one problem!

Uniqua, Tyrone and Tasha: What?! A giant spider? A giant asteroid? A giant dinosaur?

Pablo: [stomach growls] Nope, I'm starving!

Uniqua, Tyrone and Tasha: Me, too! Oh yeah! Uh-huh!

Tasha: Follow me! I'll get a snack in a snap!

All: [laughing]

Tyrone: Bubble power!

Tasha: SuperSnap! I'll be there in a snap!

Uniqua: Bug Girl, here to save the day!

All: [laughing]

[Bigopolis transforms back into the backyard.]

Tyrone: That was an excellent snappy superhero adventure, don't you think?

Uniqua, Pablo and Tasha: Super duper! Yeah! Yeah!

[The cast sings the ending song.]

Uniqua: See ya!

Tyrone: See ya next time!

Pablo: See ya soon, kid!

Tasha: Later! [enters Uniqua's house, then opens the door again] Can you guess what snack we're having?

All: Cheese!

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