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(Uniqua is trapped in a cage in Austin the Gloom Miester's secret underground lair.)

Uniqua: Who are you?

Austin: The call me...the Gloom Meister! MUA-HA-HA-HA-HA!

Uniqua: Eeh! Is that your real laugh?

Austin: No, I just do it to sound scarier. My real laugh is like this: (He snorts and giggles insanely.)

Uniqua: You're right. The first laugh is better.

Austin: I'm going to cover the city in gloom!

Uniqua: Impossible! No one can make a shadow big enough to cover the whole city!

Austin: Oh, I can. Thanks to my... (A vault opens, revealing a strange device.) Gloomsday machine! (He laughs normally, snorting and giggling insanely.) Oh! I mean, MUA-HA-HA-HA-HA!

Austin: It's going to be lights out around here.

(Austin turns on the Gloomsday machine.)

Uniqua: You wouldn't.

Austin: I already have!

(Tyrone and Tasha notice something flying towards them.)

Tyrone: Look!

Tasha: It's a bird!

Tyrone: It's a plane!

Tasha: ...Actually, I'm pretty sure it's a bird.

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