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"Escape from Fairytale Village" is an episode of The Backyardigans from the third season.



"It's a madcap bluegrass chase through Fairytale Village as Paperboy Tyrone meets his hungry new customers: Austin the Wolf, Uniqua the Witch, and Pablo the Giant!"


Tyrone walks out of his house. He introduces himself to the viewer as the local paperboy. He explains that he has a new route today and sings the "Newspaper, Newspaper!" song. He tells the viewer that he will go over the river and through the woods to get to his new route. He pedals his bike over to a town.

He throws a newspaper to a castle. He does the same to a house that looks like a shoe. Tyrone stops for a minute and thinks about how strange a shoe-shaped house is. He continues pedaling until his bike tire hits a rock, causing the front tire to deflate. Tyrone hears rustling in a bush. A purple wolf jumps out. The wolf greets Tyrone and introduces himself as Austin the Wolf. Tyrone listens as Austin explains that he is in Fairytale Village, a very friendly town. They sing the song "You're in Fairytale Village". Tyrone realizes that if he is in Fairytale Village, the wolf must be big and bad because he has read The Three Little Pigs.

Austin assures Tyrone that maybe he is big, but he is not bad. He reminds Tyrone that he has a flat tire. Austin shouts "I'll huff and I'll puff..." and Tyrone runs. Austin says to the viewer that he just wanted to blow up his tire. Tyrone runs to the nearest house, thinking that the owner could blow up his tire. He finds it interesting that the house is made of gingerbread and is covered with gumdrops, the fence is made of hard candies, the trees are swirly pops, and the bushes have cookies. He rings the doorbell and hears a woman's voice. He looks inside the window. The witch from Hansel and Gretel (Uniqua) comes outside and looks around. She spots Tyrone and asks him if she could have him over for lunch.

Tyrone hears the offer as "Can I have you for lunch?" and thinks Witch Uniqua wants to eat him for dinner. He runs away, but Uniqua thinks that Paperboy Tyrone is just shy. Uniqua and Tyrone sing the song "Gotta Dash" as Tyrone escapes the house. He tosses a newspaper and carries his bike over to a beanstalk.

Meanwhile, Uniqua sees Austin the Wolf running after Tyrone. Uniqua invites Austin to ride on her broomstick instead of walking. They fly over to Tyrone, who climbs up the beanstalk. He reaches the clouds and sees a palace. He decides to sit down on a giant foot. The foot is revealed to be that of a giant (from Jack and the Beanstalk) played by Pablo. Tyrone runs behind a cloud. Giant Pablo thinks Tyrone is playing "hide-and-seek" and counts to ten. After he is done counting, he finds Tyrone. Tyrone runs away and inadvertently bounces on the clouds.

Pablo thinks Tyrone meant to bounce and bounces with him. They jump up and down until Tyrone jumps onto the beanstalk. He climbs down, tossing a newspaper up back into the clouds. The giant climbs down as well, offering to have him over for dinner. Tyrone again thinks that Pablo wants to eat him. He climbs down, only to be greeted by the wolf and the witch. Tyrone runs and sings "Why Does Everyone Want to Eat Me?", carrying his bike to a rock wall.

Tyrone is surrounded by the fairytale characters. Pablo asks Tyrone if he can have him for dinner, but Uniqua tells the giant that she was planning to have him for dinner. All three of them argue over who gets to have him for each meal of the day until Pablo settles it. He proclaims that Austin will have him for breakfast, Uniqua will have him for dinner, and he will have him for snack.

Tyrone is confused. Austin the Wolf fills Tyrone's bike tire with air. Then Uniqua says that she wants to eat tuna casserole with him, Austin says that he wants to eat scrambled eggs with him and Pablo says that he wants to eat chocolate pudding with him. They explain to Tyrone that they don't want to eat him, they just want to invite him for meals. They all sing "You're in Fairytale Village". Tyrone's stomach growls, prompting him to invite his friends to his house for a snack. The village turns back into the backyard and the characters sing the end song. They enter Tyrone's house. Tyrone opens the previously closed door and shouts, "Newspaper!"




Backyardigans - 57 - Escape from Fairytale Village

Backyardigans - 57 - Escape from Fairytale Village

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