Escape de la Aldea Mágica! is a musical performance based on The Backyardigans. Its plot borrows from the episode "Escape from Fairytale Village". It began touring Argentina and El Salvador in 2009.

A Brazilian Portuguese version titled Fuga da Aldeia Mágica! toured Brazil in 2010.



"Allí, y en formato de musical, Tyrone será un repartidor de diarios, que deberá recorrer un nuevo vecindario sin sospechar que está habitado por increíbles personajes de cuentos fantásticos. Pero algunos malos entendidos harán que en un minuto el metamorfoseado alce sólo desee huir despavorido."

Translation: "In musical format, Tyrone is a paperboy who goes to a new neighbor without realizing that it is inhabited by characters from fairytales. Some misunderstandings make the moose want to flee in terror."


  • Dalia Birman
  • Francisco Canosa
  • Solange Lipcin
  • Nadina Martiniello
  • Julia Moyano Matias Muñoz

The Spanish version uses the original Spanish voices, and the Portuguese version uses the original Brazilian Portuguese voices.





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