"Earth Es Muy Bueno" is a song from the episode "Los Galacticos".

Characters singing


All: Oh...

Tyrone: I love the mountains and I love the trees.

Tasha: The clouds in the sky and the ocean breeze.

Pablo: The rocks in the dirt and the little bugs, too.

All: And we are so glad it's not covered in goo. Earth es muy bueno. We'd save it each day if we could. Earth es muy bueno, which means that it is very good.

Uniqua: Oh... I think it's lovely that there's so much ground.

Austin: Perfect to stand so you don't float around.

Uniqua: The sky is so bright, very pretty 'til dark.

Austin: And it looks like it is really easy to park.

Uniqua and Austin: Earth es muy bueno. We would stay here if we could. Earth is muy bueno, which means that is very good.

All: Earth es muy bueno. 

Tyrone, Tasha, and Pablo: We're glad that you understood.

All: Earth es muy bueno, and that means that it is very, oh so very, means that it is very good.

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