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Doll and Finn

Angry Dolphin

Doll, Finn
Bottlenose dolphins
Female (Doll)
Male (Finn)
First Appearance

Doll and Finn are two dolphins (a sister and a brother, respectively) who swim around together.


Doll and Finn are a brother/sister duo. After Finn gets captured by Octavia the Octopus Queen, Doll contacts the Harbour Rescue Officers, Pablo and Tyrone. They run into Pilot Austin, who takes them the sea floor. Joined by Mermaids Uniqua and Tasha, Doll goes with the trio to find Finn. Because Octavia is very protective of her garden, she locks the characters in her undersea dungeon, where they find Finn. Pilot Austin finds a lever to release the cage, but, to their inconvenience, Octavia catches them. Mermaid Tasha challenges Octavia to a race with the help of the others, and their prize is their freedom. Tyrone rides Doll and wins. Finn, Doll and their friends are free from Octavia, and befriend her later.


The dolphins are bipedel. They are both blue, and have white eyes and black pupils.


Doll and Finn have appeared in one Backyardigans performance: Sea Deep in Adventure.

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