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September 3, 2001
November 2, 2009
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Toronto, Ontario
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Discovery Kids is a Mexican/Brazillian channel that airs The Backyardigans episodes dubbed in Spanish and Portuguese. It was launched in April 1996. Discovery Kids aired programming for children with an emphasis on real-life adventures, nature, science and wildlife from all over the world.

Programming Blocks

Scary Saturday Night Sleepover

Added in 2001 and taken off shortly, formally airing every Saturday night marathon with chomps as black bats. It aired at 8:00pm on Discovery Kids. During its last times, it only aired Truth or Scare and Mystery Hunters.

Saddle Club Everyday

A marathon of all the episodes of The Saddle Club.

Ready, Set, Learn!

Added in 2002, a weekday morning block that airs preschool programming, running weekdays from 9:00am–3:00pm ET. The block was formally also simulcast on TLC until 2008, when it was replaced with reruns of TLC's original programming. The host is currently Paz the penguin.

Animal Afternoons

Added in 2002, a block that airs shows about animals, wildlife and nature from 3:00pm–6:00pm ET.

The Gaggle

Added in 2002, a block that airs 3 hours of one show weekends, including Endurance and Flight 29 Down. In 2008, The Gaggle was shortened to 1–2 hours, and expanded to weekdays.

Real Toons

Added in 2003, a block that airs animated series everyday at 6:00am–9:00am ET everyday and 6:00pm–8:00pm ET Monday to Saturday, Sunday from 1:00am–4:00am.


@DK was the network's primetime branding.

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