"Corn" is a song from the episode "News Flash".

Characters singing


Tyrone: Don't you love corn?

Pablo: Yep, sure do. How about you?

Tyrone: I love corn, too!

Pablo: The inside's yellow and the outside's green.

Tyrone: Just the prettiest crop that you ever seen!

Pablo: Corn...

Tyrone: Ever since I was born!

Pablo: Corn...

Tyrone: Every evening, every morn'!

Pablo: Corn...

Tyrone: I'd be so forlorn...

Both: Without corn... wonderful corn!

Tyrone: We get up early and we eat cornflakes!

Pablo: We get to work with our hoes and rakes!

Tyrone: We plow corn fields, we plant corn seeds!

Pablo: We give them water, and we pull up weeds, and then...

Both: Pretty soon, by golly, don't you know? Those corn stalks begin to grow!

Tyrone: Corn...

Pablo: With some butter on top!

Tyrone: Corn...

Pablo: Or the kind that you pop!

Tyrone: Corn...

Pablo: We're just not gonna stop...

Both: Loving corn... wonderful corn!

Tyrone: We love corn!

Pablo: Wonderful corn!

Tyrone: Corn...

Pablo: Wonderful corn!

Tyrone: Corn...

Pablo: Glorious corn!

Both: Exquisite corn! Wonderful co-o-orn!

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