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(Pablonator, played by Pablo, finishes singing the song I Feel Good while Uniqua and Tyrone are handcuffed to a pole.)

Tasha: Grrrr. Fine, Mr. Goody Two-Bolts, if you won't help me, I'll reprogram all the robots myself.

Tyrone: No! She's going to make all of the robots bad!

Uniqua: What are we gonna do?

Pablo: Pablonator to the rescue.

(A robotic arm extends from Pablonator's body, releasing the arms of Uniqua and Tyrone from the cuffs.)

Tyrone: Thanks, Pablonator.

Uniqua: Now, that's a good bot.

(T-900 is being chased by Sergeant Tyrone and Officer Uniqua.)

Tasha: Activate escape.

(Springs extend from the metal feet of T-900, allowing her to jump away from the police. When she knocks into a machine, sparks appear coming out of T-900.)

Tasha: Escape. Escape. Escape. Escape.

Tyrone: I think she's...

Uniqua: Malfunctioning!

Tasha: Malfunction. Malfunction. Malfunction.

Tyrone: Now's your chance, Uniqua! Cuff 'er!

Uniqua: I've got a better idea.

(Uniqua flips the switch on the back of Tasha's back from "bad" to "good".)

Tyrone: Don't do it!

Tasha: Too late. All we have to do is switch the robot's switches from good, to bad. And bad bots will rule the universe!

Tyrone: Don't do it!

Uniqua': Again with that?

Tyrone: I don't know what else to say!

Tyrone: This must be the work of... the bad bots.

Uniqua: Don't say it!

Tyrone: I just did.


Tyrone: That's our squad car.

Uniqua: Call the police!

Tyrone: We are the police.

Tasha: And when robots turn bad, that is good. If they stayed good, that would be bad.

Pablo: T-900, was that a joke?

Tasha: Yes. Activate: laughter.

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